About Me

This is just what I love to do. Writing, and documenting my thoughts regarding all the great (mostly food) places I've been to. All over the world. I'm not quite all over the world yet, but since I was living in Hong Kong in the summer of 2009, I figured it was a good time to start.

Since then, I've returned to Singapore, and embarked on countless other adventures: Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Croatia, UK, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Austria, Greece, Eastern Europe, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and more recently, Myanmar! I secretly wish that my wanderlust outlives me. Well - guess that's not much of a secret now.


Exploring the Site

Click the food and travel tabs on top, or explore through indexes on the side bar - via names or pictures. The top posts of the month are on the side bar as well, along with a search function and a slew of labels you might be interested in. Enjoy!

Slowly, but surely...
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