Monday, July 21, 2014

Lunch at Teppei/ Hana Hana, Singapore - It's the Bara Chirashi

Monday, July 21, 2014
Bara Chirashi, Teppei/ Hana Hana
Bara Chirashi, $17.60

It's the Bara Chirashi that keeps me coming. I've had the exact same thing five or six times, and I know I'm still going to come for more. Is it a perfect bowl of Chirashi? No. It's carelessly seasoned, too liberally so, every time. But still, the generous chunks of sashimi fish are sweet, fresh and no doubt the best I've been able to lay my hands on at this price point (sans the maguro... then again that's always tricky). Aoki's a fantastic place for chirashi and my favourite, but also twice the price.

Bara Chirashi, Teppei/ Hana Hana
Bara Chirashi, all mixed up

Plus, all you have to do is thoroughly mix things up (see picture above) or simply ensure each chunk of liberally seasoned fish is paired with a spoonful of vinegared rice. That way, you're set. The fish changes day to day - there were chunks of swordfish one time, another time my bowl was generously decked with delicious, crunchy shellfish! Also, don't fret about the queue. There's a trick to to it (read about it here - brilliantly laid out, couldn't have said it better myself - basically, reach between 12.45 to 1pm), or simply head to Hana Hana right next to Teppei where queues are far shorter even though they're run by the same folks. Hana Hana serves up Bara Chirashi for lunch as well, alongside a lunch menu including Beef Steak Don, Oyako Don and Iberico Pork Katsu Don.

Beef Steak Don, Hana Hana
Beef Steak Don, $18

I wasn't so much of a fan of their Beef Steak Don, which was dry and lacking in flavour. The egg was a nice touch, though. It's not exactly bad, just a far less compelling dish altogether compared to the Bara Chirashi.

Miso Soup, Teppei/ Hana Hana
Oden, Teppei/ Hana Hana
Oden, Miso Soup (both complimentary)

Best thing about lunch at Teppei or Hana Hana? Their generous appetisers of nourishing oden laid out on the counter and miso soup served straight to your hands. You're never going to leave this tiny restaurant hungry.

P.S. Found out about a few Teppei lunch hacks recently! You could top up any of the rice bowls with negitoro (+7) and/or uni, for instance. And there are apparently a few secret dishes (a certain fried chicken) that I am still trying to uncover. Do add on to the list under the comments section if you know of more!

Teppei/ Hana Hana
#01-17, Orchid Hotel,
1 Tras Link
Tel: 65 62227363

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