Thursday, November 7, 2013

Omakase at Sushi Kuu, Palais Renaissance - A Sashimi Affair

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Sushi Kuu

Ah, omakase. Where we simply let loose and see where the cards fall, where the roads lead, where the chef takes us. What could be more therapeutic? You don't even need to think, it's all been done for you. I spend a lot of my time thinking way too much, so omakase meals tend to be a huge relief. Besides, I never got the chance to try Sushi Kuu in Hong Kong, so I was really thrilled to finally check this place off. I wasn't disappointed - Sushi Kuu's ingredients were impeccably fresh, and the servings, generous. Easily one of the top dogs in town.

Onsen tamago with Uni, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Onsen Egg with Uni, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Onsen Tamago with Uni

The meal began with a beautiful onsen egg bobbing in a lightly seasoned broth of dashi, soy sauce and mirin. The whites were delicately set and the yolk still gooey, a cosy blanket over the sliver of uni beneath. The flavours were clean, bright and so delicious!

Kurobuta Pork Salad, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Unagi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
"Shabu Shabu" Pork Salad, Unagi

Then, a salad of lightly poached slices of tasty kurobuta on a bed of mixed greens with rockets. Naked except for a drizzle of that classic, delectable Japanese sesame salad dressing and fried shallots, which lent that wonderful edge to an otherwise idiot-proof formula. The unagi was next, seemingly ordinary but incredibly tender and perfectly grilled. Quite a memorable sliver of unagi, really.

Sashimi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Sashimi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Sashimi Platter (included in omakase), Premium Sashimi Platter, $80

The sashimi platter came next and established itself instantly as easily the most generous sashimi course I've ever seen in any omakase meal (not that I have tried it all...). Seriously, check it out! Two remarkable slices of otoro so delicious I honestly felt like I took a sneak peek at heaven, an enormous botan shrimp, a clam I could not name, sweet slices of snapper... just wow. M and I ordered an additional platter of sashimi (we clearly underestimated Sushi Kuu's generosity and overestimated our appetite). Still worth it, though, for more sneak peeks at heaven with the otoro, truffle drizzled scallops, and fantastically fresh maguro. It's so easy to tell quality maguro (those beauties on the extreme left of the bottom picture) from the dreary ones at so many restaurants, eh?

Otoro Sashimi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Wagyu, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Sashimi Platter, Grilled Wagyu Beef

Then came the grilled wagyu beef served sprinkled with the fried shallots that Sushi Kuu does so well. It was a faultless dish, the simplicity of the preparation highlighting the beautiful flavours from the beef - creamy, juicy and tasty in a way only beef can achieve.

Nigiri Sushi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Nigiri Sushi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Nigiri Sushi Platter

By the time we were served the sushi platter, it was clear that one would not be well advised to head to Sushi Kuu with anything but a fully empty stomach. They really nailed the vinegared rice. Each piece of sushi was a burst of flavours from the ocean, grounded by lovely grains and simply nothing short of excellent.

Salmon Belly Roll, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Tea Pot Soup, Omakase @ Sushi KuuTea Pot Soup, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Salmon Belly Roll, Tea Pot Soup

But the most delightful morsel was hands down the salmon belly roll - what a creamy and wonderful bundle of joy. The tea pot soup that came next felt like half-time. A palette cleanser but a very delicious one, mind you, especially after an energetic squeeze of lime.

Seafood Chawanmushi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Seafood Chawanmushi, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Seafood Chawanmushi

What followed was seafood chawanmushi. My expectations must have been quite modest because when they suggested the dish, the seafood I had in mind did not include uni or crab claws, or scallop, or at least not all at the same time. Such a treat! Tasted brilliant, too, what with all the juices lending their weight in the egg custard. An utter joy to eat.

Green Tea Ice-cream, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Yuzu Ice-Cream, Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Green Tea Ice-Cream, Yuzu Ice-Cream

Desserts were a simple affair, but the Japanese ice-cream tasted wonderful, all the same. Especially the Yuzu. Pick the Yuzu.

Omakase @ Sushi Kuu
Sushi Kuu

The omakase isn't the cheapest in town at $150, and the meal may not be the most inventive, but the ingredients and preparations are top notch. If you love your sashimi, you wouldn't want to skip this.

Sushi Kuu
390 Orchard Road,
Palais Renaissance, #01-06/07,
Singapore 238871
Tel: 65 6736 0100
Open: 12 - 3pm and 6 - 10.30pm daily

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