Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sushi Bar, Singapore - Fantastic Chirashi!

Sunday, September 8, 2013
The Sushi Bar
The Sushi Bar

It's incredible, the "affordable" Japanese scene in Singapore has really burgeoned over the last year. Remember when people used to flock to Japanese buffets because they presented the most compelling value proposition at enough price points to satisfy both the masses and the discerning? Not anymore. I never dreamt that Japanese cuisine and 'affordability' would ever come together but it seems like the gap is fast narrowing. And The Sushi Bar is coming up tops in this category.

Chawanmushi, The Sushi Bar
Salmon Aburi Roll, The Sushi Bar
Chawanmushi, $2.80, Salmon Aburi Roll, $13.90

We began the meal with an order of Chawanmushi, which was served piping hot and silky smooth. No treasure trove of ingredients beneath, just a really simple take, but effective and completely satisfying. The Salmon Aburi Roll was also done very well, with a delicious dollop of mentaiko above each sushi, and generous chunks of creamy avocado within.

Sashimi Salad, The Sushi Bar
Sashimi Salad (tossed), $14.90

The Sashimi Salad looked just like a Japanese lo hei, no? I was naively expecting a green salad, so the dish took me by surprise (and busted my feeble attempt to be a little healthier). Tasted great, though! The plate was piled with tidy heaps of chopped cucumbers, seasoned jellyfish, seasoned seaweed, shredded radish, shredded carrots, crab meat, ebikko roe and assorted sashimi which I wasted no time messing up.

Negitoro, The Sushi Bar
Basic Chirashi, The Sushi Bar
Negitoro Don, $21.90, Basic Chirashi, $18.90

The sashimi here was fabulous. For Negitoro Don to be delicious, obviously the tuna needs to be great, which was the case here - the sweet minced tuna played a beautiful duet with vinegared rice, accompanied with occasional sharp notes from the chopped chives. The Chirashi took things up a notch, with the assorted sashimi all tasting fabulously sweet and fresh. Expect the salmon belly and swordfish slices to melt gorgeously in your mouth. The only thing that fell short was the tamago, apparently the most difficult task for a sushi chef to master (have you seen the incredible documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi?) so I'll just let it slide.

Normal Chirashi, The Sushi Bar
Normal Chirashi, The Sushi Bar
Normal Chirashi, $24.90

The Sushi Bar offers Chirashi in 3 different grades ($18.90, $24.90 and market price). The Normal Chirashi, which was the next level up, was really fantastic. A lot more fish, including yellow tail, a dollop of glistening salmon roe, two slices of melt-in-your-mouth salmon belly and just more slices of everything. You can't get more bang for your buck anywhere else.

P.S. Prices are nett!

The Sushi Bar
#03-89, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road
Tel: (65) 9625 0861
Open: Mon to Sat, 12 - 21.30

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  1. I have heard many good reviews of this place but has never there to check it out. The food really look fresh and good. Most important affordable and reasonable priced.

    1. Yes, it's time to give The Sushi Bar a shot!


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