Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kith Café, Quayside Isle - Quick Escape

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Kith @ Quayside Isle

If you're wondering where the crowd has gone on weekends, the ones in-the-know have all migrated to Quayside Isle. It's bustling but not overcrowded, if that even makes sense, and just perfect for a lazy Sunday. I spent all morning reading magazines and basking in the sun, fully relaxed since Quayside Isle is new and foreign enough for me to quite easily kid myself into thinking I've gone on a weekend escape. And isn't that all we need sometimes?

Iced Mocha and Flat White, Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Flat White, Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Iced Mocha, $7, Flat White, $4.50

Kith has a knack of snagging fantastic locations. I loved their low-key café at Robertson Quay, but their new outpost at Quayside Isle is now my favourite. It's cool, too, that the coffee is great. Not the best, but fragrant, smooth and serves its purpose.

Mexican Eggs, Kith Café, Quayside Isle
Mexican Eggs, Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Mexican Eggs, $18

The food's good and honest, sporting fresh, delectable ingredients. The multigrain toast, in particular, was surprisingly tasty and the fresh baby spinach on the side was a refreshing change from the usual rockets. I found the avocado too creamy, though - would have just digged chunky cubes of the fruit scattered all over my toast.

Big Breakfast, Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Big Breakfast, Kith Cafe, Quayside Isle
Big Breakfast, $17

The big breakfast was what it advertised to be, and for once, not overpriced! The smoked bratwurst sausage was completely tasty and the scrambled eggs were done pretty well (if you're the sort who prefers a creamier take). Again, hurray for baby spinach - they're so great! Mark Kith Café in your books if you're looking for simple, well done food amid relaxed vibes.

Recommendations: Coffee, Mexican Eggs, Big Breakfast

Kith Café
31 Ocean Way
#01-08, Quayside isle
Singapore 098375
Tel: (65) 6734 9007
Open: 8am - 10pm ( Closed on Tue )

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