Sunday, June 30, 2013

Overdoughs, Singapore - Sculpture Square's Gem #2

Sunday, June 30, 2013
snickers tart, overdoughs
Snickers Tart, $6

Thank heavens the skies are clearing! At least it no longer feels so foolish to lounge away lazy afternoons at al fresco restaurants like Artichoke (i.e. gem #1). If the main restaurant and lovely, not to mention edible, garden have not drawn you to this oasis in the middle of the city, their bakery should do the trick.

snickers tart, overdoughs
soursop meringue tart, overdoughs
Snickers Tart, $6, Soursop Meringue Tart, $5

Tucked in a tiny corner of Artichoke, Overdoughs, as you might have suspected, serves up Middle Eastern sweet treats like Baklava, but also hot pies and delicious, hearty tarts. I only blame myself for finding about them now when they've been open since last August! Their tarts are completely worth the work outs - done just the way I like it, with substantial fillings big on flavour, not the wimpy, creamy, could-have-been-any-flavour-and-I-would-hardly-be-able-to-tell sort. You can expect the snickers tart to be full of gooey peanut butter nougatine nestled amid rich chocolate ganache. I also loved the soursop meringue tart, with a gloopy soursop jam hidden beneath the meringue. Intense tarts like these are perfect for sharing, too - there won't be squabbles.

overdoughspie floater of the moment, overdoughs
pie floater of the moment, overdoughs
Platter of the Day (from Artichoke), Pie Floater of the Moment

I'm a little tired of the standard brunch eggs and all this very moment (it's some wacky cycle in my brain). So brunch at Artichoke and Overdoughs with the former's platters of the day (Turkish bread and a variety of accompaniments)and the latter's pie floaters of the moment (that's a sausage pie beer floater pictured above) is just what I need. Needless to say, I'm still every bit in love with Artichoke (and now, Overdoughs,) as I was when I first dropped by more than a year ago. Maybe more!

P.S. Check out Overdoughs' weekday lunch menu here.

161 Middle Road
Singapore 188978
Inside Sculpture Square (beside NAFA)
Tel: (65) 6336 6946

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  1. i had a full plate of brunch at Artichoke, t'was good...snickers tart is a good excuse to go back :)

    1. indeed! food is great and the setting, gorgeous.

  2. is there savoury food at overdoughs on weekends? :)

    1. Hey - best to call up and ask! Although I can vouch for the pie floaters' availability on weekends (:


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