Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oriole Coffee Roasters - Retro Hole-in-the-Wall

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
Hole-in-the-wall shophouse

I think Oriole Coffee Roasters might just be the only specialty coffee joint in town not serving hardcore brunch (apart from Kiasu Espresso - but that's in the CBD i.e. not exactly my destination of choice on a weekend). SCORE. This is the place to go if you're looking for somewhere to unwind, or read a book quietly, with a cuppa balanced on one hand. Especially if you have no ardent wish whatsoever to jostle with the weekend brunch crowd.

Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
Retro cups and utensils

The open concept kitchen is taken to a whole new level here, with nothing but a low, dark wood divider separating the kitchen from the dining area - you'll feel right at home. Cakes of the day in a glass dome are displayed next to retro cups and utensils on a long communal table where you sip your coffee, playing homage to the historic locale of the café. There's even the quintessential Singaporean breakfast of soft boiled eggs (given a slight twist with the eggs cooked at 63ºC) and kaya toast ($8) on the menu. Kind of cute, eh? At least for me, the blend of old/local and new never gets old.

Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
coffee merchandise, open concept kitchen

If you're thinking of picking up some coffee merchandise, the range is beautifully (and conveniently) displayed in between the chalkboard menu - real hard to miss. Thankfully, I'm not too serious about coffee, just yet. As it is, I have enough hobbies diligently burning holes in my pockets...

Flat White, Oriole Coffee Roasters, Singapore
Flat White, $5

For now, I'll stick to simply enjoying coffee. The smooth, delicious kind (which can be found in so many places now, including Oriole Coffee Roasters,) with some light snacks (cakes/toasts/sandwiches) and a good book. Looks like my weekend is set.

Oriole Coffee Roasters
10 Jiak Chuan Road
Tel: 62245448

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