Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meat Packing District, Singapore - High Low Burgers

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Meat Packing District
Meat Packing District

Meat Packing District is a little tricky to spot - you won't find a traditional signboard just yet - even the digital signage is kinda clandestine since there aren't really pictures for everything on the menu. The burger of the month poster (see picture above), which is pretty cool, really, is a case in point (although the poster starts making sense when you realise that Keith Tan, owner of the weeks-old gourmet burger joint, is also guitarist in local indie band, Obedient Wives Club). Then again, given Bestway kopitiam's modest dimensions, our hunt for the latest high food + low places aspirant wasn't exactly a daunting task. Plus, the whiffs of meat patties on the grill was a dead giveaway.

Meat Packing DistrictUntitled
Meat Packer District
Cheese Burger, $7.90

[Update: Meat Packing District has since shifted to 261 Waterloo Street] Each burger at the Meat Packing District comes with a 120g meat patty sandwiched between artisan brioche buns from the bread project bakery, and a side of fries - which you could upgrade to truffle (+$2), curry (+$1) or garlic (+$1) if you like. Don't be fooled - the menu may seem limited, but the burgers are actually fully customizable - with a good selection of cheese (Gouda, Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella cheese) and sauces (pizza, barbeque, salsa and guacamole) to suit everyone's tastebuds. The Cheese Burger I had far exceeded my expectations. The patty was moist and surprisingly tasty - you'd find that the cheese burger was served without any sauce - there really isn't a need for any when it's good cheese and beef you're chowing. Personally, I was really impressed with the fries too, which was done very well - crisp on the outside; piping hot and soft inside.

Meat Packing District
BBQ Pork Burger, $6.90

Even the BBQ pork burger, which I'd assumed was just one of those items on the menu hastily plonked in to cater to non-beef diners, was remarkably satisfying. The patty was really well marinated - you know that thought has gone into this baby. In fact, I don't think I've had a better pork burger than this (although it isn't exactly my life goal to test out all the pork burgers in the world, I'll be honest - got my hands full with beef burgers already).

Meat Packing District
The Fat Elvis Burger, $11

The star of the show, however, is the 'Fat Elvis' burger, which comes complete with banana tempura, bacon, and peanut butter. Oh yes, you read it right. How creative is this burger?! Sounds almost ridiculous, I know, but tastes incredible, I assure you, in a I-know-I-can't-eat-this-everyday-or-even-every-week-but-I-really-can't-forget-the-taste kinda way. I honestly never knew how fantastic fried bananas would taste alongside grilled beef patties smeared with peanut butter. The burgers here are not perfect (bacon here isn't crisp the way I like it), and with each patty cooked to order there is inevitably a bit of a wait (about 15 minutes) but I know I can't find you better burgers at this price point. Go try it for yourself!

Recommendations: Burgers!

Meat Packing District (updated)
Food Summons Coffee Shop,
Blk 261 Waterloo Street,
Singapore 180261
Tel: 9383 2134
Open: Mon - Sun, 10am - 8pm

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