Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Omakase at Hachi, Mohamed Sultan, Singapore

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Hachi, Mohamed Sultan

Omakase at Hachi was simply one of my best meals this year. There's nothing quite like surrendering your night to the able chops of a Japanese chef, letting him surprise you course by course, assembled with only the freshest seasonal produce, of course. The omakase I had that night, two months back (still as vivid as yesterday, honest!), showcased all of my favourite ingredients too, would you believe it? Sashimi? Checked. Oyster? Uni? Otoro? Wagyu? Checked!

Umeshu, Hachi, Mohamed SultanSashimi, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Sashimi, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Umeshu, $12, Sashimi

We started dinner with my favourite Japanese happy juice - Umeshu. A wimpy drink, yes, but utterly delicious, no? We were first served the Sashimi platter, a combination of a chunky, seared scallop, a lovely slice of snapper, and two thick slices of tuna. They were amongst the freshest sashimi I've ever had - full of the salty sweetness of the sea.

Ikura with Daikon, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Fish Liver, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Ikura with Daikon, Fish Liver

We were then served Ikura with Daikon, which was meant to come before the Sashimi, but it really wasn't as though it mattered. Even this made an impression, with the impossibly crunchy and sweet cubes of daikon providing excellent texture against the salty bursts of Ikura. Then there were the two types of fish liver, smooth with that trademark buttery taste of liver sprinkled with seasoned cod roe. So good I could hardly bear to finish it.

Mentaiko Kaki, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Dashi broth with Shirako, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Mentaiko Kaki, Dashi Broth with Shirako

What's next really blew me away. Oysters baked with mentaiko are common enough, yes, but this one is the poster boy of all oyster mentaiko. The mentaiko is spread in a layer on the oyster and expertly torched without cooking the mollusk. The result is an oyster, still fresh, plumb and full of amazing juices underneath a warm, soft crust of seared mentaiko. You bet it tasted even better than it sounds. This was followed by a light dashi broth with shirako (cod sperm). Cooked in the broth, the shirako tasted much less distinct and had a grainier texture not unlike cooked roe.

Taraba Kani, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Taraba Kani, Hachi, Mohamed SultanSautéed Vegetables, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Taraba Kani, Sautéed Vegetables

The baked Alaskan king crab claw came next, with flesh impossibly succulent and sweet. The crab cake claw with asparagus served on the side was completely delicious, too, and surprisingly tender inside. This was followed by a small portion of requisite greens.

Deep-fried Fish Fillet, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Uni Gunkan, Otoro Nigiri, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Deep-fried Fish Fillet, Uni Gunkan

We were served the deep-fried fish fillet nestled on braised daikon next, which was tasty, but far less memorable compared to most of the courses. Maybe it was all in the plan, since what followed blew me away once again. You don't need much sometimes, when you have the freshest uni (golden and irresistibly quivery), and the most luscious otoro. Amazing textures that interplay with your tongue for a split second before disintegrating.

Omi Wagyu, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Omi Wagyu, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Omi Wagyu

Just when we thought nothing could impress us anymore, we were served the seared Omi Wagyu (Kobe's lesser-known but equally amazing cousin - raised by only 41 farms and a rare find outside of Japan) which was just fantastic. Literally melts in your mouth, and the natural juices of the beef tasted truly sublime.

Soba, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Sesame Ice-cream, Hachi, Mohamed Sultan
Soba, Sesame Ice-Cream

The meal drew to an end with a comforting bowl of soba, and luxuriously creamy sesame ice-cream. I was fully content.

Hachi, Mohamed Sultan

Omakase at Hachi is $68 for lunch and $118 for dinner. Steep but great value considering the quality of the ingredients and the full dining experience. A perfectly legit place to splurge on for that next big thing.

Recommendations: Omakase!

6 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 67349622

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  1. Hachi's original Chef Watanabe has left and is now at E.pachi at Boat quay

  2. $68 and $118 looks like decent value for money actually considering all that food IMO.

    1. oh yes, compared to many other omakase meals, it's great value.

  3. its really great value and the best place for authentic japanese omakase using all jap ingredients. currently 2 to 3 japanese chefs at the restaurant according to their website www.hachirestaurant.com

    one from osaka chef yamaguchi and one from kyoto chef mukoura

    compared to the price (hide yamamoto $300 per pax) and tatsuya ($335 per pax - last week's visit), hachi beats both hands down in terms of value and taste.


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