Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chillax Massage Café, Serangoon Gardens - Casual Luxe

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Chillax Massage Cafe
Casual Hang Out Spot

[This is a short one!] It's easy to find somewhere luxe in Singapore, and even easier to find somewhere casual, but when it's both casual and luxe... well that's Chillax Massage Café for you. It's perfect if all you want is somewhere casual for a couple of drinks, but with better thought out food. It's a shame that I was so quick to judge the book by its cover (or in this case, title,) - I almost instantly dismissed the café as a sleazy massage parlour's afterthought. Thankfully, my wandering eyes caught a glimpse of the menu... *Truffle fries alert*

Chillax Massage Cafe Menu
Posh Offerings

Wouldn't you agree? Deceptively simple, subtly posh. Here's a clearer shot of the menu. The Black Truffle Capellini sounds so good. And I'm all for Shrimp Fritter Sandwiches with Yuzu Hollandaise. Also, did you notice their Bangers and Mash? Seemed just like any regular kid on the block until I read the fine print - bratwurst, chorizo and chipolota? Oh yes, I'm all for diversity. Chillax Massage Café even serves up all day brunch. Wow.

Truffle Fries, Chillax Massage Cafe
Truffle Fries, Chillax Massage Cafe
Truffle Fries, $10

Since we dropped by after dinner, we couldn't get to try the mains. I've done a web round up for you though, at the end of the post! Instead, we got a serving of Truffle Fries to go with our drinks. The fries turned out so amazing and addictive that we didn't hesitate to get a second helping. The portions aren't large by any measure, but the truffle shavings are pure decadence (dark, earthy, delicious) and certainly enough to keep us wanting more. It only took all my determination not to mop up the poor shavings that got left behind at the bottom of the container when all the fries were gone.

Chillax Massage CafeChillax Massage Cafe
Brownies with Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream, Chillax Massage Cafe
Leon's Riot, $8

Incidentally, Chillax Massage Café also serves up a whole range of Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream that you can pick and choose from the display counter. We decided to try Leon's Riot, brownies served with a scoop of Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream of your choice. Unfortunately, the brownies weren't the chewy, "fudgy" things that I was hoping for and tasted closer to sponge cake. Oh well, the truffle fries more than made up for it.

Tip: Free corkage with orders of food/drinks! (Do check with the café prior to visiting though, since the offer isn't explicitly stated.)

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Recommendations: Truffle fries | I'll skip: Leon's Riot

Chillax Massage Café
28 Maju Avenue,
Serangoon Garden Estate,
Singapore 556698
Tel: 6244 5529

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