Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Villa di Parma, Serangoon Gardens - Smoked Salmon Pizza Perfection

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Villa di Parma, Serangoon Gardens
Complimentary Bread, Villa di Parma
Cosy Interior, Complimentary Focaccia

Homely Italian always yells out at me. Villa di Parma was no exception. We stumbled upon Villa di Parma by chance, when we were looking for affordable corkage to pop the Cuvée Riche we picked up from Domaine Chandon's cellar door barely a month ago. $20 didn't seem bad. BYO is available on Mondays here, just so you know. We were this close to popping the champagne, but at the last moment, we fell for their cherry beer deal - at $5 per pint, we just couldn't say no! The warm, fragrant focaccia made for a great start to our dinner, though it probably could have used a few more inches...

Sausage platter, Villa di Parma
Italian Sausage Platter, $9.90

And so did the Italian Sausages. You think? Even so, the sausages were pretty tasty, especially when you grab a few and bite into them all at once.

Cherry Beer, Villa di ParmaSquid Ink Pasta with Slipper Lobster, Villa di Parma
Squid Ink Pasta with Slipper Lobster, Villa di Parma
Cherry Beer, $5, Squid Ink Pasta with Slipper Lobster, $26.90

The Squid Ink Spaghetti with Slipper Lobster was my favourite pasta that night, just cause they were generous with the chunks of firm, slipper lobster meat. Isn't that good enough reason? We wasted no time twirling the piping hot spaghetti with our fork, jabbing the slipper lobster meat with what little space left, then bringing the whole "forkful" into our mouths. It's a tomato based pasta, so in retrospect, the pasta would probably be much, much more incredible if the sauce was less like tomato soup and more like a seafood bisque. Pepenero's king prawn and zucchini pasta has an incredible crustacean flavour, but the king prawns were certainly not as large as their name suggested. I guess I haven't found the perfect pasta yet... Recommendations, people?

Linguine Marinara, Villa di Parma
Smoked Salmon Pizza, Villa di Parma
Linguine Marinara, $26.90, Smoked Salmon Pizza, $28.90

The Linguine Marinara, likewise, was completely delicious when it first came piping hot, but once it got cold, the lack of depth in the tomato-based sauce became much more evident. The prawns had a fantastic texture but the mussel was a tad overcooked. This is not to say that we didn't enjoy it, we actually did! It just wasn't flawless. The Smoked Salmon Pizza, which is apparently their best-seller, didn't disappoint one bit. It's steep at $28.90, definitely, but they really have perfected this dish. From the crisp base, to the thin smear of cream sauce, carefully laid out smoked salmon, down to the scattered capers and onions - everything worked together seamlessly. Only for those who appreciate pizzas as thin as crackers. Fully enjoyable if you don't care about the price. It tastes good for sure but does leave you wondering, "that's it?" So treat it like a snack, or starter, and you'll be okay. Strictly speaking though, price isn't a problem because all pizzas, I repeat, all pizzas go for $12.90 on Tuesdays. I can only wonder why we didn't postpone our visit to a Monday (BYO) or Tuesday ($12.90 pizzas!). Maybe next time!

Recommendations: Smoked Salmon Pizza, Squid Ink Pasta with Slipper Lobster

Indifferent: Italian Sausage Platter, Linguine Marinara

Villa di Parma
Address: 14B Kensington Park Road,
Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore
Tel: +65 6281 3380

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    Next round, do made room for our yummy Tiramisu ;)
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