Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jimmy Monkey, Singapore - Melbourne Coffee, Turkish Bread

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Jimmy Monkey, One-North
How do you like the shabby chic decor?

Hello everyone! I just got back from an 8-day trip to Saigon, Hue and Hanoi - such an incredible eating journey, but more on that in the next week or so. Funny enough, each time I come back from a trip, I seem to discover new cafés that I never knew existed. Thankfully, even as I lose speed catching up with the rapidly changing food scene, my closest friends are always up to date. This time, I was brought to Jimmy Monkey - a chilled out café opened by a Melbournian, specializing in... what did you think, coffee, of course.

Vegemite and Cheese Turkish Toast with Half-Boiled Egg, Jimmy Monkey
Vegemite and Cheese Turkish Toast with Half-Boiled Egg, $12

We were there for brunch initially, but the lounge music was so great, (and the sun so frighteningly strong,) that we just stayed on for the rest of the afternoon. The staff were great hosts, constantly replacing our water flask, and never making us feel like we outstayed our welcome. The menu is mostly your usual, comforting café grub, but S and I both spotted the less expected offering - turkish bread! I gunned for the turkish toast with vegemite and cheese, served with a gooey half-boiled egg - a glorious combination of all my favourite ingredients. The warm and toasty "soldiers" in black and white camouflage was just fabulous dipped in molten yolk. Great flavours, I loved it! Though it would have been even better if the vegemite was more evenly spread, since it got a tad too strong in some areas, and too weak in others. Hardly a surprise that I-S magazine declared this as one of 50 Things to Eat in Singapore Before You Die last year.

Turkish Toast Sandwich with Chicken and Gruyere Cheese
Turkish Toast Sandwich with Chicken and Gruyere Cheese, $14

The Turkish Toast Sandwich was filled with chicken chunks, perfectly caramelized onions and gruyere cheese. It was a faultless combination, and quite enjoyable, but would have been far tastier if there were more chicken chunks!

Flat White, Jimmy Monkey
Flat White, $5

Ah, the coffee. Absolute bliss. Even though I only spent five days in Melbourne, it has completely spoiled me, and sad to say, I've become slightly snotty when it comes to coffee these days. I guess my prayers have been answered - Jimmy Monkey's flat white really hit the spot. It was just the way I enjoy coffee, perfectly smooth without sugar. There was a savoury biscuit on the side, which took a bit to get used to but turned out quite good with the coffee.

Scone, Jimmy Monkey
Scone with Cream and Jam

The scone, while definitely a looker, didn't sit well with any of us - it was doughy and dense, almost like fruit bread. I have a rather fixated concept of scones, to be honest - crumbly, creamy and buttery - nothing else. If you're into the same kind of scones, check this recipe out.

Flat White and Scone, Jimmy MonkeyWarm Chocolate Cake, Jimmy Monkey
Warm Chocolate Cake, Jimmy Monkey
Warm Chocolate Cake, $10

The warm chocolate cake was pretty decent. The corners of the cake seemed like any other chocolate sponge cake (a tad dry frankly), that is, until the thick, molten center oozed out much to my (inexplicable) satisfaction. The slightly tart berries in the middle was more than mere garnish - they paired really well with the chocolate and ice-cream!

Jimmy Monkey, One-North
Perfect for a lazy afternoon

The shabby chic industrial decor and lounge music would have done it for me, but the coffee truly sealed the deal. There are some hits and misses with the food, but now that I know what I love over here, my next visit will be a brilliant one. Is there anything else you've tried here that deserves good mention? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Recommendations: Coffee (Great Flat White), Vegemite and Cheese Turkish Toast with Half-Boiled Egg

Indifferent: Warm Chocolate Cake, Turkish Toast with Chicken, Caramelized Onions and Gruyere Cheese

I'll skip: Scones...

*No service charge, only GST

Jimmy Monkey Café and Bar
9 One-north Gateway,
#01-51 One-north Residences,
Singapore 138643
Tel: 65 6777 8470

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