Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fantastic Steak Frites at Les Bouchon, Ann Siang Road, Singapore

Sunday, May 13, 2012
Glass of Bordeaux, Les Bouchon
Les Bouchon
Bordeaux, Parisian Decor

I'm back from my grad trip! It's been an amazing three weeks filled with too many fish, chips and oysters to count - now I'm all ready to get back to my usual posting frequencies. A big thank you for sticking around! This... was how I celebrated the end of my last finals, before rushing full throttle to the airport immediately after (only possible thanks to my amazing dad) - a huge, huge slab of steak all to myself, all the time clinking glasses with a fantastic bunch of friends. This is the life, isn't it?

Condiments, Les Bouchon
Salad, Les Bouchon
Condiments, Salad

We had the Burgundy Escargots with Garlic Butter ($18) for starters too. There were nine of them, all drowned in sinful butter, playing tango to the aromas of garlic and parsley. Go for it, I say, it's completely delicious. I wonder where my photo of the escargots went? The comprehensive array of condiments included horse radish, bearnaise, mayonnaise, mustard and dijon mustard. The salad was alright, just refreshing enough to help you through the steak.

Rib Eye Steak, Les Bouchon
Rib Eye Steak, Les Bouchon
Rib Eye Steak Served with Salad (above) and Free Flow Home Made French Fries, $36.80

How amazing does the steak look? I had to take a few seconds to admire the beautifully seared rib eye and almost couldn't bear to tuck in, just absent-mindedly munching on the fries, which happened to be piping hot and incredibly delicious. Did I mention that the fries are free flow? Not that I can name many with sufficient appetite to polish the whole plate off and still have room for second helpings. At $36.80, the superbly delicious and juicy steak really delivered. It was pretty tender as well, though it definitely needs some jaw work. That's okay. Nibble on the fries, sip some wine, and help yourself to the salad while your jaws take some well deserved rest. I'm not gonna lie, it took me a long time, but finally I conquered it all. Well, almost. Steak and fries, steak and fries. Whoever came up with this idea, thank you.

Recommendations: Steak Frites, Burgundy Escargots

Les Bouchon
7 Ann Siang Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6423 0737

41 Robertson Quay, #01-01,
Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
Tel: +65 6733 4414

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  1. Hi nice to meet you, just read your blog about Les Bouchons and would like to give it a try, but today I've phoned them many times but no one answered, do they close in the X'mas? Thank you, :).


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