Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food Diary #6

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Toby's estate's piccolo latteIkea's Shrimp
Hummerston's pancakesHummerston's pancake accompaniments

One Piccolo Latte, Toby's Estate, $4.50 | Two Cold Water Prawns, Ikea, $4.20 | Three Pancakes and Accompaniments (Maple syrup, Whipped Butter, Fruit Compote), Hummerstons, $17

Posts have been slow since I'm currently in a last burst of fire for my final finals. Feels all surreal and strange to finally be graduating! In any case, here are some pictures of what I've been "chowing" down these days. Mostly comfort food. I finally tried Toby's Estate's coffee. Definitely a great place to get your caffeine fix besides Papa Palheta. They serve smooth and delicious Coffee in a cool, reformed industrial sort of setting. Tons better than the Flat White at Wild Honey, by the way. Wifi's available too.

I first fell in love with Ikea's meatballs, then their chicken wings, and now I've discovered their Fresh Water Prawns. How is it that most of these little prawns are filled with so much roe?? I don't know but I'm so pleased I finally found out about these sweet, delicious things!

I dropped by Hummerston's for brunch as well. You can check out their cool decor here. It's really popular right now, to the extent that the place was completely packed on a Thursday afternoon! Most tables had a plate of Hummerston's Breakfast, but I found that pretty underwhelming. The sausages were great, but the asparagus was anorexic and the mushrooms were pretty run of the mill. Their Pancakes, on the other hand, turned out to be fantastic! Soft and fluffy while still retaining a good bite. The accompaniments were great as well - real maple syrup's still not that commonplace, after all. Don't miss out on their pancakes if you're heading to Hummerston's for brunch!

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