Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food Diary #4

Thursday, March 8, 2012
Mushroom Penne, Le Cuisson
Foie Gras Salad, Le Cuisson
Pistachio and Milk Ice-cream, Haato

One Mushroom Penne, Le Cuisson, $8 | Two Foie Gras Salad, Le Cuisson, $10 | Three Pistachio and Milk Ice-Cream, Haato, $5.50

I had to drop by Le Cuisson since affordable French cuisine and Foie Gras really resonate with me. Finding the place wasn't difficult at all - the stall is conveniently located in the coffeeshop just behind Iluma. Ambience aside, and keeping the affordability in mind, I am definitely impressed! If bringing good French food to the masses is what the chefs had in mind, I think they have achieved what they set out to do. While the Mushroom Penne might not be the most French dish on the menu, it was competently done and the roasted mushrooms tasted great. The pasta might be a tad bland for some of you though. My friend, V, had the 150 Day Grain Fed Angus Steak ($14), which was a little on the thin side, but nevertheless good for the price. My favourite dish of the day was clearly the foie gras on tossed salad, seared to a glorious golden-brown. It's about half the size of the usual portions at a third of the price - I am all grins. Perhaps I should treat myself to this salad again sometime next week?

I finally tried Haato for the first time too. The branch at Central is just the perfect place to chill out after dinner (the alfresco seats face the Singapore river!). I have a soft spot for Milk ice-cream so it's hard for me to judge objectively, but I thought the one at Haato was pretty decent. The Pistachio flavour didn't taste as smooth as I'd like, though - I took a bite of my friend's Green Tea ice-cream and immediately wished I'd ordered that instead! Have you tried the ice-cream at Haato? Which are your favourite flavours?

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  1. tried haato's ice cream but they aren't very impressive unfortunately. nice place to chill out though but i wouldnt go there especially for their ice cream. :)) love the le cuisson tip. sounds like a good hidden find to check out

  2. definitely agree with you on Haato! Let me know what you think about le cuisson after checking it out!(:


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