Monday, February 27, 2012

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar, Boat Quay, Singapore - Kick Ass Paella!

Monday, February 27, 2012
Sautéed Clams with Assorted Vegetables, Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
Sautéed Clams with Assorted Vegetables, $13.50, Jug of Sangria, $50

One of my favourite memories in Barcelona was tapas bar hopping. The energy in all the tapas bars was just so infectious! And the sheer variety kept things interesting. So when I saw that Loco Spanish Tapas Bar was offering complimentary tapas for every drink, I immediately told my best friend, S, and we quickly circled a date to visit. We were imagining platters of tapas for every drink but as it turned out, they really meant single servings of pincho style tapas. Our imagination ran too wild! We were served shrimp on toasted bread and cod on toasted bread - they were a tad cold but actually rather tasty. Their sangria didn't get me hooked though, since I prefer mine a bit sweeter. Of course, this would be nothing to write to you about. Thankfully, despite stumbling into Loco for mistaken reasons, we found some right ones by the end of our meal!

The first good thing that happened was the sautéed clams with assorted vegetables. The sauce was incredibly well-balanced, seasoned and flavourful - certainly not the kind of sauce that first comes to your mind when you think vegetables. The splash of crustacean flavour from the clams must have helped!

Oven-baked Mussels with Garlic and Cheese, Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
Oven-baked Mussels with Garlic and Cheese, $14

The oven-baked mussels with garlic and cheese were plump and tasty but got cold really quickly. Since there wasn't excessive cheese topping the mussels, they tasted light too and the freshness really came through.

Paella Valenciana, Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
Paella Valenciana, Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
Paella Valenciana (Chorizo, chicken, seafood and vegetables), $35

We ended our meal with a paella to share and we absolutely loved this one. The chorizo added an incredible dimension to the dish and they were really generous with the ingredients. The portions were good for three girls. The best part (but worst for your health) was scraping the sticky, charred bits at the bottom... so good. In fact, this was actually better than the paella I tried in Barcelona. I know that the best paella is found in Valencia and not Barcelona, but still! Overall, I'd say that Loco had mostly hits and the view from the al fresco seats is hard to beat.

Loco Spanish Tapas Bar
48 Boat Quay, Singapore
Tel: +65 6535 2841

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