Thursday, February 16, 2012

Keisuke Tonkotsu King, Orchid Hotel, Singapore - Ramen just the way you want it

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen, $10.80, $12.80 with flavoured egg

I dropped by Tanjong Pagar for lunch at Keisuke Tonkotsu King with M a few weeks back, and we walked away utterly captivated. The decor was charming, the ramen was lip-smacking good, and the free condiments really won us over. Every ramen gets a ticket which allows you to tick your preferences (taste of soup, chicken oil, noodle texture) and it was just wonderful to have absolute control in designing almost every part of the ramen - only the delicious tonkotsu broth remains fixed. What's more, the condiments are top notch. The sesame seeds (available in a small suribachi) added a lovely fragrance to the ramen, and the seasoned bean sprouts were so good I kept having seconds!

Boiled Eggs
Complimentary boiled egg

Also, boiled eggs are complimentary. Imagine that! I honestly don't know any other ramen joint dishing out free boiled eggs. Do you?

Keisuke Tonkotsu King

What was supposed to be a super casual lunch turned out to be a real great find. I can't wait to head back to try their black and red spicy ramens! Have you tried?

Keisuke Tonkotsu King
1 Tras Link, #01-19
Orchid Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65 6636 0855

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