Friday, February 10, 2012

Buffet Spread at The Line, Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore

Friday, February 10, 2012
Freshly Shucked Oysters, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Freshly Shucked Oysters, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Freshly Shucked Oysters

M brought me to The Line for my birthday dinner this year. I was all excited! Oysters and sashimi are my absolute favourite. In fact, I started my meal with 7 of these darlings, and had no less than a dozen throughout the night! M had none as usual, just looked on, completely bemused at my enjoyment. I'm still irrationally optimistic that he'll be a convert one day! If it can happen to my best friend, S, and so many other close friends of mine, it can happen to him! These were actually a little too salty for me. Oysters take on the flavour of the water they are harvested in so I guess it probably had something to do with that.

Sashimi and Sushi, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Sashimi and Sushi, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Sashimi and Sushi

The sashimi served at The Line was top notch. The Mekajiki (swordfish) sashimi was fabulous - sweet with a wonderful bite. I'd skip the octopus next time though (a little rubbery), alongside all the sushi - they were simply left there for too long. There was also a selection of appetizers including parma ham, which was great - thinly sliced and wrapped around sweet melons, but I missed taking a photo of it.

Cold Crab Claws and Prawns, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Cold Crab Claws and Prawns

The cold seafood available were decent. There was a beautiful selection of prawns, mussels and crabs laid out in crushed ice. I loved the firm, succulent flesh of the crab claws. Clearly, everyone loved them too - they were snapped up like hot cakes every time. The prawns were delightfully sweet and fresh. I skipped the cold mussels since blanching mussels is probably the dullest method of preparation in my entire cooking dictionary.

Teh Tarik, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Teh Tarik

We tried the Teh Tarik next and it was phenomenal! Funny how this was nearly my favourite dish of the night (if you don't count the oysters and sashimi). It was just so aromatic, smooth and wonderfully frothy. Don't miss it!

Laksa, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel

The laksa was great too. The gravy was absolutely delectable - how do all hotel buffet chefs nail this so well? It came with half a boiled egg and a lovely, crunchy prawn.

Salmon and Roast Beef, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Indian Selections, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Salmon and Roast Beef (Top), Indian Selections (Bottom)

Neither of us were fans of the miscellaneous cooked dishes, with the exception of the salmon, which was baked to perfection. The fattier bits literally melted in my mouth! The papadums were left in the open for too long and no longer crisp, but the indian curries and naans were pretty much faultless.

Roasted Pork and Duck, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Roasted Pork and Duck

These you must skip at all cost. Without crispy skins, roasted pork and duck are really not worth eating.

Desserts, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Desserts, The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Assorted Desserts

The selection of desserts were excellent - so incredibly varied you'll most likely be spoilt for choice. We had the champagne jelly (which was yummy, but tasted just like any other jelly to me), cream puffs, and black sesame crème brûlée (that turned out to be unique and delectable).

The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
The Line, Shangri-la Hotel
Bright and Modern Decor

The decor was bright and modern but somehow it didn't strike a chord with me. I guess I sort of felt like I was in a classy kopitiam. Overall, there were hits and misses, so depending on your likes and preferences (as well as how much sashimi and oysters you can handle), The Line may or may not be worth the $78 price tag!

Weekend Dinner: $78++

P.S. More Moroccan posts are still in the works!

The Line
22 Orange Grove Road,
Basement Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65 6213 4275

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