Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Loft - Hidden Gem in Katong, East Coast Road, Singapore

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Seafood Bisque, the Loft
Seafood Bisque, $5.90

As an unabashed fan of seafood, I knew I had to give the Loft a try the moment I found out that it purportedly serves seafood at pretty affordable prices. That was really all the information I needed. M and I dropped by for dinner that night and started our meal with the Seafood Bisque. On first taste, it seemed as though the bisque was lacking a little in flavour, but once you're done with that spoonful, the crustacean flavour (pretty strong, really) kicks in all of a sudden. Since I would prefer the bisque to be whole-bodied flavour-wise the whole way through, this was alright but strictly speaking not fully satisfying, at least for me.

Martini Prawns, the Loft
Martini Prawns, the Loft
Martini Prawns, $9.90

The Martini Prawns, on the other hand, was a fully satisfying experience. I think I'll be hard pressed to find prawns this crunchy, huge and delicious at such a great price anywhere else. The Martini may not be particularly evident, but the vegetable broth was still tasty in its own right. The alfafa that topped the dish added a refreshing note of earthiness. I did wish that the garlic was sliced thinner but M, ever the garlic fan, liked it just the way it was.

Rock in Pink, the Loft
Rock in Pink, the Loft
Rock in Pink, $15.90

I was really looking forward to Rock in Pink because the combination of ingredients (prawns and baby rock lobster) sounded fabulous for the price, but unlike the perfectly cooked prawns in the previous dish, the ones here, while equally large, were a tad mushy. So was the lobster. The pink sauce was sheer delight though, with wonderful crustacean notes and tons of flavour. Lets hope the mushiness is once off! I really want to give this another go!

Quirky Interior, the Loft
Cosy Loft, the Loft
Contrasting Interiors on Both Levels

The interior design was interesting (just slightly off the mark if you ask me) - full-on whimsical on the first level, with what seems to be an ecological theme too, muted victorian-style colours on the second. The contrast is really stark, but I guess that presents us with two ambiences to choose from. For some reason, even though the food on the whole had hits and misses, I feel really inclined to give it another go. I just have this hunch that the Loft will deliver the next time. I'll update you guys on that!

The Loft
41 East Coast Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 9171 2888

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