Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Indulgent Lunch at db Bistro Moderne, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Complimentary Bread
Complimentary Bread

One thing's for certain - I've been missing out on good lunches. The past year was a blur - I can hardly remember occasions when I could afford time for a leisurely lunch. Even more embarrassing to admit, there were days when I had time, but somehow I ended up watching it slip me by, eventually resorting to grabbing quick bites. No more. My new year resolution #3 is to squeeze in good lunches whenever possible! This is why I knew I had to sit down with a good friend for an indulgent lunch at DB Bistro Moderne before the curtains for 2011 were drawn.

Duck Pâté, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
Toasted Sourdough, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
Duck Pâté, Toasted Sourdough

The complimentary bread was good with butter (what isn't?), but once the duck pâté and sourdough came along, we quickly forgot about it. Paired with the sourdough, the pâté almost tastes like ham. All I'm saying is, unless you smear a large chunk on your sourdough, the subtleties in the flavour are hard to detect. If you taste it on its own, though, there is a hint of liver and the flavours are more complex, in a good way. This was part of the Menu Bouchon Prix Fixe - we chose the 3 course menu for $48. Next time, I'll be happy to give the Beetroot Salad a try since it features deep fried goat cheese - one of my favourites. Have you tried?

Minute Steak, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
Minute Steak

For the main course, we chose the minute steak at medium rare. It was a fantastic choice. The steak was juicy, delightfully flavourful and charred just enough to lend a subtle smoky flavour. The mustard glazed fingerling potatoes at the side were surprisingly tasty as well, especially with the beef jus. Highly enjoyable!

The Original db Burger, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
The Original db Burger, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
The Original db Burger, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
The Original db Burger, $38

Next was the original db burger. Isn't it a monster of a burger? Not the bun, of course, but the patty. It's also most definitely royalty... what with the foie gras center and red wine braised short ribs at the sides. Let's see... a cross between monster and royalty... Shrek? The fries were extremely addictive when they first came piping hot. Don't let yourself feel guilty if you find yourself going for it continuously. Unless you aren't planning to finish the fries, you might as well eat it before it turns into cold potato straws! Truth be told, I really wanted to love this burger, but the dryness made it quite a letdown. We ordered medium, actually, but it was served to us practically well done. In fact, the minute steak from the Prix Fixe fared way better. We really should have sent it back to the kitchen. Undeniably, the foie gras tasted beautifully light and smooth, but that tiny sliver couldn't make up for the rest of the dry patty. I ended up liking the fries more than the burger, which wasn't what I had in mind, really. Remember to never order medium for your original db burger.

Banana Tart, db Bistro Moderne, Singapore
Banana Tart - Milk Chocolate Crémeux, Banana Gingerbread Ice Cream

I didn't have high hopes for the Banana Tart - it sounded a little strange to me. But boy, this was excellent stuff. First of all, the banana tart was topped with a hard caramel just like what you'd find on a crème brûlée. And it was pefectly torched. The chocolate cream added a nice dimension as well but the real star was the Banana Gingerbread ice cream. Simply sublime... You know how banana ice cream always tastes too artificial? Not here. It tasted like the real fruit, with the tiniest hint of ginger. I really can't think of any better way to end our indulgent lunch. You have to try it!

Overall, it was a good lunch, but I'll be back for the Prix Fixe instead of the original db burger.

P.S. More lunches ahead! Know of any fantastic lunch deals you would like to point me to?(:

db Bistro Moderne
10 Bayfront Ave, #B1-48
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Tel: +65 6688 8525

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