Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Diary #3

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Spicy Aburi Salmon Roll, Sun Dining
Avocado Soft Shell Crab Roll, Sun Dining
Tonkotsu Negi Shabu with Kagoshima "Sangenton" Pork, Sun Dining
Fugu Mentaiko Pepperoncino, Sun Dining
Tofu Cheesecake, Sun Dining

One "Small" Spicy Aburi Salmon Roll, Sun Dining, ~$9 | Two "Small" Avocado Soft Shell Crab Roll, Sun Dining, ~$9 | Three Tonkotsu Negi Shabu with Kagoshima "Sangenton" Pork, Sun Dining, $24.80 | Four Fugu Mentaiko Pepperoncino, Sun Dining, $16.80 | Five Tofu Cheesecake, Sun Dining, $5.50

I don't actually know why it took me so long to try Sun Dining. Maybe because I wasn't always very impressed with their sister restaurant, Sun with Moon, apart from their wonderful tofu cheesecake! Well, my virgin visit to Sun Dining has guaranteed that it wouldn't be the last. The prices are steeper than your usual Japanese family restaurants, but M and I both liked the food enough to want to go back.

My favourite for the night was the Spicy Aburi Salmon Roll. It was melt-in-the-mouth good and the whole combination of ingredients was just fabulous. I would place this a few notches above Sushi Tei's sushi rolls. The Avocado Soft Shell Crab Roll was fresh and tasty, but not nearly as great. We had two items from their seasonal menu as well, the Tonkotsu Negi Shabu with Sangenton pork and the Fugu Mentaiko Pepperoncino. The former was your usual heartwarming shabu shabu with Sangenton Pork, a hybrid pork of three species which was seriously tastier than usual. The latter was lovely mentaiko pasta with a dollop of Fugu or Pufferfish meat (which wasn't all that distinctive, though we did enjoy it). And of course, dessert had to be their signature Tofu Cheesecake. This time, it had a hint of ginger. Is this unique to Sun Dining? I don't quite remember Sun with Moon's Tofu Cheesecake having any ginger notes, but my memories may be dusty. In any case, it was a wonderful meal and I'm excited to head back to try out their new seasonal specials!

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