Monday, December 5, 2011

Divine Cakes at K Ki, Ann Siang Hill, Singapore

Monday, December 5, 2011
Divine Cakes at K Ki
Divine Cakes at K Ki
Divine Cakes at K Ki
Dainty Cakes on Display

Last week, I finally visited the very quaint K Ki nestled on Ann Siang Hill for a long due catch up with my lovely friend, E. It was one of those rainy late afternoons, which somehow added to the atmosphere, once we were done braving the rain, that is. Hot tea was necessary!

Tiramisu at K Ki
Antoinette at K Ki
Green Tea at K Ki
Antoinette, $8, Tiramisu, $9, Green Tea (Pot), $5.50

It took us a long time to choose from such a pretty selection of cakes, but finally we made up our minds and settled for the Antoinette and Tiramisu. They were divine. The Antoinette was white chocolate mousse on a thin cake base with a gorgeous mango center, sprinkled with tiny cubes of preserved mango. For some reason, I've never quite pictured these two flavours together before, but they work like a charm. I also loved how refreshingly delicate the mousse was - you definitely won't have difficulties polishing this number down to the very last bite. The Tiramisu was the usual mascarpone cheese (but a delightfully light version) with a center layer of sponge cake soaked in Kahlua. In terms of flavours, it was decidedly more ordinary compared to the Antoinette since Tiramisu is nothing new. Still, we really enjoyed it. The liquor content was pretty strong too, in a good way. It's fine since there is all that mascarpone to go along with it. I'm actually excited to head back and try the rest of their selections! Since tea is absolutely necessary on a rainy day, we had a pot of Green Tea to go along with the cakes. It wasn't bad at all. Rather than tasting run-of-the-mill, it was fragrant with sweet, almost fruity notes.

K Ki Sweets
K Ki Sweets
K Ki Sweets

Half of K Ki is dedicated to a fun, quirky selection of an assortment of things that were at once surprising and nostalgic. We found bookmarks made of scanned bus ticket stubs, MOS burger tomato paste packets and even old Golden Village movie tickets. Then I chanced upon an amusing notebook sporting blank pages labelled A-Z with singlish phrases and explanations at the bottom of each page. Cute. I really like their art pieces too. Isn't the combination of pencil sketches with knitted materials cool?

K Ki
7 Ann Siang Hill #01-00
Singapore 069791
Tel: +65 6225 6650

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sat: 12pm – 7pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm
(Closed on Mon)

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