Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dim Sum at Royal China, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Har Gow, Royal China
Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling), $4.80

One more week to Christmas! Are you pulling your hair out thinking of what presents to buy? Because I am. But before I head to town to squeeze in with the happy and frantic crowd, here's a post on my current favourite restaurant for dim sum - Royal China. I suppose it's only fair to finally do a post after raving about it so long ago. What I really love about Royal China, other than its unique and classy decor, is its fantastic value for the quality presented. I was here with my family this time round, and we started with the har gow, which was very much perfect with the thin and slightly chewy skins encasing juicy, crunchy prawns. Delicious!

Siew Mai, Royal China
Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling), $4.80

The siew mai came next. I feel that my feelings for siew mai have gradually faded over the years. These days, they seem to be on the table only out of habit. Can any siew mai lover gush about these morsels to reignite my feelings? That said, they were tasty, and even rather unique with dates topping them instead of prawn roe. The skin looks dry in the photo but they actually weren't at all.

Century Egg Congee, Royal China
Century Egg Congee, $5.00

As usual, my family loves to have dim sum with century egg congee so we had two bowls to share. There were plenty of century egg and lean pork in the congee - very satisfying. I especially loved the healthy dose of crispy fritter toppings!

Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll, Royal China
Beancurd Skin Roll, $4.80

The beancurd skin roll was deep fried to a crisp and yet manages to stay rather light instead of being too heavy. Absolutely delectable with the vinegar dip. Crystal Jade has a fantastic rendition as well.

Prawn Cheung Fan, Royal China
Prawn Cheung Fan, Royal China
Prawn Cheung Fan, $4.80

Now, this was a highlight. The cheung fan was silky smooth and so luscious that it seemed almost vulnerable. The crunchy prawns, as you can see, were pretty huge too. This is cheung fan at its best. I'm not sure how it can get any better. Oh, perhaps if they served zha leung?? Now that would grab my attention.

Steamed Chicken Claws, Royal China
Steamed Chicken Claws, $3.60

These were fantastic as well. All the flavour of the insanely addictive sauce has permeated within the steamed chicken claws. Every bite was a juicy, gelatinous delight. This is one dim sum dish I will never ever fall out of love with. Isn't it always the strangest things that sometimes has the strongest pull on our hearts?

Scallop Taro Roll, Royal China
Scallop Taro Roll, Royal China
Scallop Taro Roll, $4.80

This is another must-order dim sum dish at Royal China. It has everything going for it - succulent scallops that has been beautifully browned on the outside, a basket of crisp and a mixture of mashed taro and tasty seasoned pork encased within. It was most definitely the best dish of the day.

Sharks Fin Dumpling Soup, Royal China
Sharks Fin Dumpling Soup, Royal China
Sharks Fin Dumpling Soup, $4.80

We ended our dim sum meal with two bowls of Sharks Fin Dumpling Soup. This was unfortunately supremely underwhelming. Aside from the fact that the sharks fin was undetectable (I really didn't expect otherwise), the other ingredients were seriously disappointing as well - crabsticks instead of real crab meat, in particular. The soup was tasty but the dumpling... give this a miss and your dim sum meal will be flawless.

Royal China, Raffles Hotel
Royal China, Raffles Hotel
Unique, Classy Interior

So... how often do you actually go for dim sum? What are the dishes you can't do without? Let me know!

P.S. Tomorrow night, my friends are coming over for a Christmas dinner! I have a menu all planned out and I'm super excited. I'll post up a recipe round-up tonight just in time for you to invite your friends and host some dinner parties of your own(:

Royal China
1 Beach Road, #03-09
Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Tel: +65 6338 3363

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday - 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday - 11.00 am to 2.00 pm
Daily - 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm

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