Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Brunch at Epicurious, Robertson Quay, Singapore

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Epicurious at Robertson Quay
Yoghurt with Fruit and Granola at Epicurious at Robertson Quay
Yoghurt Parfait with Honey, Granola and Mixed Fruits, $7

We got out of bed early last Sunday morning for a brunch mission. Alright, we probably weren't that early. Epicurious was already a busy, busy scene and Eggs Benedict was sold out. Hold on a minute. Why do they limit the number of Eggs Benedicts anyway? Still, we gave Epicurious a shot. Since it was sunny, I figured it would be great to start things off with some cold yoghurt. It was refreshing and delicious - a glorious combination of yoghurt, honey, granola and mixed fruits. Sure, I can easily pull this off at home, but it's nice to be dining sometimes, you know, gazing out at the river, soaking in the sun... you know what I mean.

Mushroom Soup at Epicurious at Robertson Quay
Mushroom Soup, $6

I think I knew that M wanted a bowl of mushroom soup even before he did. I didn't mind at all, not when the accompanying garlic toast was all crispy and cheesy! I don't think I've had a better accompaniment to my soup. We found the mushroom soup pretty decent too. There were faint hints of herbs, sour cream and fine bits of mushrooms.

Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers at Epicurious at Robertson Quay
Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers at Epicurious at Robertson Quay
Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers, $14.60

It wasn't a perfectly rosy picture though. Our brunch ended with a serving of baked eggs with toast soldiers, which turned out to be surprisingly underwhelming. The eggs were fully baked, which wasn't quite what I expected. After all, how do you dip your soldiers in fully baked eggs? It'd have been better if the "soldiers" were thinner, too. The roasted potatoes were tasty, but a tad cold. Oh well, at least the crispy baked cheese sort of made up for it.

Sunday Morning at Robertson Quay
Robertson Quay in the Morning Light

Overall, Epicurious probably doesn't serve the best brunch in Singapore, and you can expect a waiting time of approximately twenty minutes for Sunday brunch, but their prices are reasonable compared to the likes of Wild Honey. The river view is a bonus!

P.S. Isn't Robertson Quay gorgeous in the morning light?

60 Robertson Quay, #01-02
The Quayside, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6734 7720

Opening Hours
Tue–Fri: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Sat–Sun: 9 am – 9.30 pm

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