Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snapshot: $1 Oysters at Zen Café - Shindo Art, East Coast Park [closed]

Sunday, October 30, 2011
1/2 a dozen of freshly shucked oysters, $1 each [shot with iphone]

oh guys, I know it's been a long time. My schedule is still insane but I'm feeling terrible for not updating for so long so here I am. How's the weather treating you, by the way? The rain has led me to mostly bundle up in a cosy sweater and dream of ramen. I actually had a pretty decent meal at Ramen Champion last week - I promise I'll post about it in the next week or so. But I digress. This snapshot is about $1 oysters at Zen Café - Shindo Art, East Coast Park.

It may seem counter-intuitive to head to the beach in the rain but I actually think it can be pretty romantic... And oysters just seem like the perfect recipe for romance.. no? There is something about the way an oyster glides along your tongue, bursting with the sublime, briny taste of the ocean. It was actually my first time at Zen Café - Shindo Art. M brought me there because I've been chanting "oysters, oysters" for the longest time. He doesn't even eat them so it's just me and the oysters but that's okay. Clearly, they aren't the biggest ones you'd ever see but for $1 each, that's okay too. I mean, if you're not thinking about having 20 or more oysters at a go, a buffet wouldn't make sense and Zen Café - Shindo Art would. But I must say, I'd like them better if they weren't served half-submerged in ice water since it diluted the flavour somewhat... Then again, I suppose all you have to do is politely request that the oysters are served on top of the ice and not below. Easy enough. Overall, it's a steal!

And the best part? Their oyster deal wasn't the only thing that stood out. The mango prawn roll appetizer was surprisingly delicious and the Tempura fish and chips was really decent for the price.

P.S. Have you been there? Let me know what you thought about the food!

Zen Café - Shindo Art
1000 East Coast Parkway,
Unit A-8 Marine Cove, Singapore
[behind Mcdonalds]
Tel: +65 6449 3221

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