Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shin Yuu, Greenwood Ave, Singapore - My Favourite Japanese Buffet!

Saturday, September 24, 2011
The Interior 

I am so excited to share about this! I have always enjoyed a la carte buffets - there's something really chill about ordering anything and everything from the comfort of your seat. No breaks in conversations and no necessity for standing around at live cooking stations waiting for your food to be done. Besides, lets face it, good quality a la carte Japanese fare in Singapore never comes cheap. Then again, you never really get great quality in a buffet, do you? Well, that's what I thought before discovering Shin Yuu.

Complimentary Platter (Smoked Duck, Grilled Tuna Nigiri Sushi, Shin Yuu Special Aburi Sushi)

The complimentary platter was a fantastic start. While the smoked duck may come across as a commoner, the grilled tuna nigiri sushi was a shining starlet - smoky from the torch and extremely tender. How about the Shin Yuu special aburi (salmon) sushi? It was the black horse that completely stole the show. It literally melted in my mouth! The pink smear of mentaiko sauce really brought it to another level altogether. Guess what's the best part? Not only is it the only one out of the three I would repeatedly order, it is in fact the only one out of the three I am allowed to repeatedly order! A gorgeous black horse indeed.

Sashimi Moriwase

Of course, a platter of sashimi moriwase is essential. I felt that the salmon and swordfish sashimi tasted the best that day, but the rest of the sashimi were equally fresh. Don't you just love how buttery swordfish sashimi tastes? I wish I didn't stop myself from ordering more of these...

Spider (Soft Shell Crab) Maki, Fried Soft Shell Crab (Top to Bottom)

We ordered the soft shell crab maki because I couldn't find the fried soft shell crab on the menu initially. No regrets here, the maki was delicious. Just look at how generous they were with the ebikko! This filled us up quite a bit though, I'll probably have to skip it next time and stick to fried soft shell crabs to make way for greener pastures. Since I'm such a fan of soft shell crabs (have you noticed?), I really had to stop myself from ordering more. I especially loved dipping the soft shell crabs in the tempura dipping sauce, but they tend not to provide the sauce along with the dish. Remember to request for it!

Beef Short Ribs, Wafu Steak (Top to Bottom)

What I found slightly amusing was that the "chef recommendations" on the menu sometimes "lost" out to the "normal" items on the menu. Take this case of chef recommended short ribs vs ordinary wafu steak. Clearly, the short ribs were way too thin to really contest against the flavourful and juicy cubes of wafu steak. It's not even fair to compare them! I will completely skip the short ribs next time.

Ebi Tempura

The ebi tempura was very decent. The batter was real crunchy and adequately light. My favourite part about tempura is possibly how it gets both crunchy and soggy at the same time after you've dipped it in the sauce. So delicious. I had this maybe 3 times? Tempura completely draws me in like bees to honey.

Seasoned Jellyfish

The seasoned jellyfish had a great texture, but tasted rather different from those you'd get at other Japanese restaurants. I believe it was a little sweeter. I'm not sure whether I like this taste better, but as long as you serve me jellyfish, you've won my vote.

Hotate Mentaiyaki

The scallops were tiny but tasty. After all, you can get as many of these as you want, so size doesn't matter here, right? The mentaiko sauce they used was so addictive.

Shin Yuu Special Ebi Miso Mayo Yaki

Now, the Shin Yuu special ebi miso mayo yaki is an oil bomb I would definitely avoid. It's just not worth the grease. I would order more tempura anytime!

Grilled Dory Fish with Cheese, Grilled Chicken Wings (Top to Bottom)

The grilled dory fish with cheese was pretty tasty even though it wasn't the best dish out there. The grilled chicken wings were marinated with honey, which might score with some of you but not me. I still prefer my chicken wings grilled with salt.

Shin Yuu Special Makimono

The avocado and unagi makimono was a good combination but way too much for both of us, so unless you're in a big group, watch out!

Shin Yuu Special Chawanmushi

Mmmm the Shin Yuu special chawanmushi was fantastic. I loved the salty bursts of flavour from the salmon roe alongside the smoothness of the egg custard. We had maybe 4 of these?


And there were still more to choose from! We couldn't manage to stuff ourselves anymore by this time though, mainly because we kept repeating previous orders. All in all, this was the most satisfying Japanese buffet ever, if only because almost everything was done very well and they serve up ALL my favourites. Not all Japanese buffets serve a la carte soft shell crabs, you know. Also, there is an irresistible offer going on for UOB and Standard Chartered Cardholders - 1 dines free with every 3 paying adults for lunch buffet (Mon to Fri)! This would place the buffet at a price of $32.40 nett of service charge and gst. So worth it...

Lunch: $36.90++ (adult) $21.90++ (child)
Dinner: $49.90++ (adult) $29.90++ (child)

*dinner comes with a complimentary serving of tuna belly sashimi (toro sashimi), fresh oysters (nama kaki), and king crab (taraba kaki) subject to availability.

Shin Yuu
16 Greenwood Avenue,
Hillcrest Park, Singapore
Tel: +65 6763 4939

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  1. This is one of my favourite place too!

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