Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant, Robertson Quay, Singapore

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant
Beef Bento
Minimalist decor at Sugisawa, Beef Bento, $16

M and I had dinner here on the same day that we went to the Book Café. It only made sense since they were so near to each other. Besides, I've been wanting to try Sugisawa for so long! I first heard about the affordable bento sets offered by this authentic Japanese restaurant even before I left for Europe, so I'm glad I finally made it here. A large portion of their clientele is made up of Japanese, so you can expect lots of happy chatter - I almost wondered if I'd been unknowingly transported to Japan.

Tempura Bento
Tempura Bento, $20

I had the Tempura Bento set which came with salmon and tuna sashimi, miso soup, pickles and a small selection of nimono (stewed dishes). The sashimi was chunky, fresh and utterly satisfying. The tempura was pretty well-executed with fresh ingredients and a light and mostly crunchy batter (some of the tempura were slightly soggy). The ebi tempura was good but the eggplant tempura really stood out - the crunchy batter gave way to a silken, almost tofu-like consistency. The meal was a lot more filling than it seems. M had the Beef set, which came with identical sides, and beef stir-fried with onions. The sweetness of the onions gave the beef a very good balance. The beef slices were also relatively thin and had a great texture. M enjoyed it a lot.

Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant
Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant

As if affordable bentos weren't enough of a draw, green tea is also complimentary here. With the bento sets ranging from $16 to $20 inclusive of sashimi, Sugisawa definitely trumps Rakuzen in terms of value. I can't wait to go back and try their unagi bento next!

Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant
30 Robertson Quay
#01-16 Riverside View, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6235 0212

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