Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nakhon Kitchen, Bedok, Singapore

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Standard Thai Condiments

Recently, during a gathering with close friends, I casually mentioned that Ah Loy Thai served pretty decent Thai food at reasonable prices. One of my friends replied that she used to think so until she went to Nakhon. A place better than Ah Loy Thai for the same price? Now that's a place I have to check out! What I really love best about places like Ah Loy Thai and Nakhon is that they are unpretentious. Especially Nakhon. I love a good ambience, but it doesn't always have to be a chic and flawlessly furnished restaurant - the atmosphere in a neighbourhood kitchen can easily win me over too.

Thai Fish Cakes, $6

Now these Thai Fish Cakes were absolutely fantastic. They were served piping hot, and each bite revealed the beautiful assortment of flavours within. At once spicy and savoury, the pancakes were well seasoned with Thai herbs, and speckled healthily with chopped chives, chilli and long beans. It was hands down the best Thai fish cakes I've ever had in Singapore. I'll be ordering this over and over again. Oh yes, the sweet chilli sauce deserves special mention. I really loved how chunky and chockful of ingredients it was!

Pandan Chicken, $6

M loves a good Pandan Chicken, so this order was essential. The chicken was indisputably aromatic from the pandan leaves, flavourful and tender. It just didn't impress me the way the thai fish cakes did.

Minced Pork with Thai Basil served with Fried Egg and Rice, roughly $5

The Minced Pork with Thai Basil served with Fried Egg and Rice was the disappointment of the day. The minced pork was too sweet for my liking - I needed more savoury oomph from say, more fish sauce. (If you're wondering why we ate so little for once, the truth is, this was actually our second lunch!) Like Ah Loy Thai, the prices are friendly but the portions are in turn, pretty small. It isn't exactly a problem, just something to note.

Check out my second visit here!

Nakhon Kitchen
Blk 136 #01-166
Bedok North Ave 3 Singapore
Tel: +65 6245 5548

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