Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Favourite Black Pepper Crab, Eng Seng Restaurant, Singapore

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Sotong Youtiao (Chinese Cruller with Squid Stuffing)

After an almost month-long disappearing act, you may not believe me, but I miss blogging. I've been travelling, and travelling, and travelling. When I'm not travelling, I'm attending classes. And when I'm not attending classes, I'm catching up on sleep. Gee. Some highlights: a beautiful slice of Black Forest cake I had in the Black Forest, getting lost in the ever-picturesque Venice, strolling up and down cliffs amidst crashing waves in Cinque Terre, going up to the spectacular Jungfraujoch - the highest railway station in Europe, taking in the sights and sounds in Zurich - Switzerland's hippest city, checking out the latest street fashion in Milan, and a road trip down the Romantische Strasse in Bavaria, Germany. Before I start on all these though, here's my last Singapore post for the next few months. I had to have my last meal here right before flying off to Germany. Their Black Pepper crab is a stunner, but most of the other dishes they offer are very competently executed too. Their Sotong Youtiao is a hot favourite - wonderfully crisp and generously stuffed with Sotong filling, it's really hard not to like this one.

Stir Fried Fish Head with Bittergourd in Black Bean Sauce, $20

This is another great dish. The fish head is fresh and succulent, the bitter gourd adds an interesting dimension, and the tasty black bean sauce rounds everything up perfectly.

Seafood Hor Fun, $6

The hor fun is great here because it's hardly ever clumpy and the seafood ingredients are fresh and generous. If you want an alternative "filler", try their mee goreng, you won't be disappointed.

Black Pepper Crab, $49.40 for two small crabs

The star. I can wax lyrical about this dish all day long.. The crabs are as fresh as it gets - the shells give way to firm, succulent, snow-white meat. The sauce is gold - thick and peppery with a tinge of sweetness, and very addictive. The combination is beautiful. I know Chilli Crab is supposed to be the Singaporean dish, but to me, if you haven't tried Black Pepper Crab, you haven't had a taste of just how great Singapore food can be.

Eng Seng Restaurant
247/249 Joo Chiat Place Singapore
Tel: +65 6440 5560

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  1. that yu tiao looks awesome, bet it tastes even better. cant wait to try it. thanks for sharing the place :)


  2. I'm happy you enjoyed the post. let me know what you think about eng seng after trying!


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