Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing and Affordable Food in Berlin

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Döner kebab
Döner Kebab

Berlin was by far the most vibrant city I've visited and I absolutely loved it. The history was amazing and so was the food, which I can't wait to share. If there's only one piece of advice you should know, forget about the Currywurst (simply grilled sausages doused in tomato sauce with a sprinkle of curry powder) - once is enough, there are too many things more worth trying. One last thing before I begin on the list, definitely check out Dolores if you're craving for great Burritos - it's tasty, decidedly healthy, and inexpensive to boot. If my camera battery didn't go flat, it'd be on the list without a doubt.

Döner kebab
Close up of Döner Kebab, 2.50 euros

1. The Döner Kebab
Berlin is the birth place of Döner Kebabs, so naturally most Döner Kebab joints here will satisfy. I was never really impressed by the ones I tried in the Frankfurt region, so trying the ones in Berlin, which are much better and cheaper, was a little like striking gold. Apparently, the Kreuzberg area has the best ones, being a Turkish immigrant district, but the one I tried which was just beside the Turmstraße (pronounced Turmstrasse) U-bahn served a really great rendition complete with perfectly toasted bread and generous slices of delicious grilled meat. If you're keen on seeking out the best Döner Kebab joint in Berlin, check out this informative thread.

Falafel Platter, 4.50 euros

2. Dada Falafel
Berlin has to be the most cosmopolitan city in all of Germany, and the sheer variety of cuisine available absolutely reflects this. I must be really lucky, because the random Falafel joint that my friends and I stumbled on turned out to be the most popular Falafel joint in all of Berlin! Dada Falafel has a really great concept. You order your food at the counter, then proceed to a dining area so cool and jazzy you won't believe you only paid 4.50 euros for your food. There's a pool table up the stairs, and a drinks counter that serves pretty great tea for less than 2 euros, or wine, if you'd like. An absolute gem of a place.

Linienstraße 132
10115 Berlin

Juicy Pork Steaks
Tiergarten Zunfteller, 9.90 euros

3. Tiergarten Quelle
If you're feeling ravenous, this is the place to go. The portions are huge and the prices hover around 10 euros. If you're sharing, it's incredible value. Our favourite dish of the night was the Tiergarten Zunfteller - essentially three small pork steaks with fried eggs, fried potatoes and spinach scalloped with cheese. The pork steaks were amazing - juicy and slightly smoky, seriously one of the best pork steaks I've ever tried!

Stadtbahnbogen 482,
Bachstrasse, near Haydnstrasse
10555 Berlin, Germany

Menu 15, 8.50 euros

4. Sushi Number One
Because dining out in Berlin is so inexpensive compared to everywhere else in Europe, I had to have my sushi fix. And I think you should too, if you've been craving for some sushi. For the price, sushi number one is great. The sushi is freshly made upon order, and the only shortfall (if I must list one), was that the seaweed used for the sushi wasn't crisp, and that's being really picky considering the price. Be sure to catch their lunch offers from 12pm - 5pm ranging from 6 to 9.50 euroes, and you'll emerge satisfied without burning a hole in your pocket.

Oderberger Straße 51/52
10435 Berlin
030 44 65 25 95

1/2 Chicken, 7.90 euros

5. Die Henne
We decided to try this place after reading somewhere that Henne served the best chicken in Berlin. To be fair, the skin was amazingly crispy, and the meat was moist and delicious. But the skin was also heavily salted (which explains why it was so ridiculously crispy and tasty). Definitely down a beer or two with the chicken, and be prepared to wait - each chicken is only made upon order!

Leuschnerdamm 25
10999 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Tel.: 030 614 77 30

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