Friday, December 24, 2010

Trong Dong, Dalat, Vietnam

Friday, December 24, 2010

Trong Dong was our favourite restaurant in Dalat. The atmosphere was cosy and unassuming, and the dishes we ordered were very good.

Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Rice Paper Roll

I really loved this one, especially since you get to assemble the rolls yourself! There were four rice papers in total, so we sliced the grilled shrimp paste in four. It's easy enough to assemble - just dip the rice paper in water for a few seconds to moisten it, place the shrimp paste, pickles and greens near the top of the rice paper, add a few drops of the sweet Vietnamese chilli sauce, and fold it into a tight roll. Absolutely delicious! Oh yes, not sure if this is normal practice, but taking a bite of that grilled sugar cane for the wonderful juices within really rounds up the flavours at the end.

French Onion Soup

Most Dalat restaurants feature French menus - possibly because the French colonists often escaped to their holiday homes in Dalat for the cooler climate, therefore raising demand for their cuisine? We tried the French Onion Soup, which was tasty but very, very oily. Might be the cheese.

Bo La Lot (Minced Beef Grilled in La Lot Leaf)

This was another amazing dish. Each morsel was extremely juicy and flavourful - so juicy, in fact, that it's actually hard to believe. It tastes even better if you dip it in the sweet Vietnamese chilli sauce. There is nothing quite like the fragrance and herby aroma that the la lot leaf brings to the beef. Again, absolutely delicious!

Trong Dong
220 Duong Phan Dinh Phung
Dalat, Vietnam

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