Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage, Singapore

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Complimentary Cabbage Appetizer

Every birthday in our family is a perfectly valid excuse for good food. This time, for my sister's 18th birthday, we headed to Kazu, our favourite Japanese Kushiyaki restaurant! I'm a huge fan of charcoal grill, and it really doesn't get any better than this. This is gonna be one looong post.

Fantastic Miso Sauce

The cabbage is served chilled, and goes great with the miso sauce. Freshness guaranteed - I love how sweet and crunchy the cabbage is.

The Grill

The holy grill. My dad took this great shot. Look at all that smoke! You don't have to worry about smelling like smoke when you finish your meal though.

Uni (Sea Urchin), $25, Tai (Red Snapper) Sashimi, $55

The sashimi was fantastic. The uni was sweet, smooth and delicious. The tai (seasonal) was extremely fresh and sweet. Kazu always has seasonal offerings, so do ask if you're in the mood for indulgence!

Asparagus Pork Belly Roll, $4.50/stick, Enoki Mushrooms Pork Belly Roll, $3.20/stick

I just love the combination of enoki mushrooms and asparagus wrapped in pork belly. It's so classic and foolproof. Kazu's items are very well seasoned and grilled with a nice hint of smokiness. Sometimes they're a little liberal with salt, but that's okay with me.

Chicken Wings, $2.60/stick

The chicken wings were great stuff. I loved the crispy skin!

Zucchini Cheese Chicken Roll, $2.50/stick

We've always found this pretty special. Cheese and chicken wrapped in Zucchini. The sauce that accompanied is also note worthy. I still can't be certain of its constituents - tasted like seeds to me actually. It's a little sour but adds a nice zing to the roll.

Avocado Pork Belly Roll, $1.60/stick

This was special too. You'll love it if you love avocado. One bite and the avocado almost melts in your mouth! The pork belly served as a lovely contrast.

Oyster Bacon Roll, $4.50/stick

This is my absolute favourite. I love oysters. The combination of oysters and bacon brings out such a gorgeous mix of flavours. I always try to eat this in a single bite because the oysters are so plump and juicy and I really don't want to lose any of that goodness to my plate.

Prawn and Scallop Bacon Roll, $4.50/stick

Another highlight! Firm and crunchy prawns with delightfully fresh and sweet scallops can do no wrong. The bacon rounds up the flavours perfectly.

Kurobuta Pork Belly, $2.50/stick

The kurobuta pork belly was a lot fatter than I had imagined, and really wasn't that great.

Kazu's pancake balls, $2.50/stick

This was our first time trying the pancake balls. It tastes almost like takoyaki balls, except that it's charcoal grilled. I liked it a lot. It was a nice filler in between the meaty snacks.

Foie Gras, $6/stick

This is what heaven looks like, guys. It's impossible not to love this one - the almost charred, crispy exterior gives way to a fantastic buttery creaminess that literally melts in your mouth. This is an all-time favourite.

Snapper Miso Soup

You could choose to deep-fry what remains of the sashimi fish (in our case, the snapper), or turn it into soup, which was what we did. The first two bowls of the soup are complimentary, but subsequent ones are an additional $3 each. On hindsight, it'll probably be a better idea to deep fry the fish. The soup tasted pretty ordinary.

US Wagyu, $7/stick, Australian Wagyu, $7/stick

We ended our meal with two wagyu sticks. We ordered both the US and Australian to spot the difference but didn't succeed. Any pointers? Both the wagyu sticks were slightly chewy, but otherwise very delicious. A great end to a great dinner. Just one gripe - we made reservations for 6pm, but they only opened their doors at 615pm. All the customers who arrived promptly at 6pm were stranded outside, which was quite a funny sight, actually. It's a great place no doubt, but that's just no way to do business!

Kazu Sumiyaki
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
5 Koek Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6734 2492

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