Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dim Sum at Crystal Jade Palace, Takashimaya, Singapore

Thursday, December 30, 2010
Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling, $4.80

Dim Sum is one of those meals I love having with my family. It feels so special (and zen) just to dedicate an afternoon to yum cha (literally drinking tea) leisurely with loved ones. The small dishes come one by one, the assortment of flavours varied and tantalizing. Almost a performance of sorts where my favourite prawn and pork are stars. At Crystal Jade Palace, the lavish decor complete with crystal chandeliers almost make you feel like royalty, as you enjoy exquisite dim sum over tea. How amazing does this deep fried shrimp dumpling look? It tasted equally amazing - perfectly golden, packed with shrimp and bursting with flavor. Possibly my favourite dim sum that afternoon!

Century Egg and Pork Congee

It's my family's habit to have congee alongside dim sum, and it always has to be Century Egg and Pork congee. The congee here is smooth and tasty, and I especially loved the crispy you char kway that topped it.

Steamed Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce, $3.80

I'm a huge fan of these Steamed Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce. It's very well executed here - steamed to perfection and served piping hot in a delicious black bean sauce.

Har Gow (Steamed Shrimp Dumpling), $4.80

My favourite dim sum. It's decent but I just wished the skin held better. Maybe that's the trade off when you get a thinner skin.

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp, $4.80

The deep fried items seem to really shine at Crystal Jade Palace. The Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp was absolutely delicious and perfect with the vinegar dip.

Char Siew Cheong Fun, $4.80

The Cheong Fun was very good. The texture was perfectly soft and silky, and the soy-based sauce it was drenched in was very tasty.

Roasted Pork Belly, $10

I know this looks fantastic but it really didn't blow my mind. The pork belly had a really crispy skin, but was much too tough. I liked Lei Garden's better.

Siew Mai (Pork Dumpling), $4.80

These were alright. I liked that there were more prawns than pork, and some mushrooms in the mix.

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Soup Dumpling), $3.80

The reasonably thin skin encloses a delicious combination of pork and soup that holds up quite well. The top may be a little tough, but it's still a decent Xiao Long Bao. Overall, I thought the prices were very reasonable for the classy ambience and the quality of the dim sum, and I would most definitely return to try more items!

Crystal Jade Palace
Ngee Ann City #04-19
Tel: 67352388
Monday to Friday: 11.30am – 3pm, 3pm – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Sunday: 10.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm

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  1. On 10 Nov I had at Crystal Jade Takashimaya what is probably the WORST Peking duck that I have ever had. I have eaten, and enjoyed, Peking duck in 5 continents, but this one was the worst.
    Instead of carving the duck at the table, and allowing us to put it together from a central plate of meat, they took the duck to the other side of the restaurant and pretended to carve it. They then returned with a pre-made plate which contained 8-10 pancakes, each with just one piece of duck skin in it, no meat, no plum sauce, no shalotts, nothing. After which they served a plate of rice with very small grey cubes of duck and little seasoning ("this cost an extra $12.00). I am certain that none of this came from the original duck we were shown, and it was luke warm. When I complained about the small quantity, and lack of taste, they offered to charge me another $36.00+$12.00 to serve the same again. I declined.


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