Saturday, December 11, 2010

2am: Dessert Bar, Holland Village, Singapore

Saturday, December 11, 2010
2am Dessert Bar

M just took me to a short but amazing 6-day trip to Vietnam (we only just got back), and I can't wait to share it here! But in the mean time, here's a great place to indulge your sweet tooth. Z and I had late night desserts at 2am Dessert Bar about a week back, and loved it. The desserts were highly creative and very intricate. What I loved best was possibly the service, which was absolutely faultless. True to its name, the place opens till 2am everyday, which makes it a pretty good place for 'after dinner' desserts, or even as a late night hang out.

Inclined Seats

We took the inclined seats, which looked slightly awkward at first, but turned out pretty comfortable. The seats (with the pillows and thin, brown blanket) were extremely conversation-inducive, and you almost feel like you're chilling out in a really chic home.

Hot Chocolate with Churros, $9

Dunking churros into the thick, creamy, hot chocolate was heavenly. I've loved churros ever since I first had them during my stint in an American amusement park 2 years ago. These are really mini churros, but heavenly nonetheless. Not to mention sinful... Here it's deep fried and coated generously with cinnamon sugar. Apparently, deep-frying is how it's done in Spain (where churros originated), but the ones I had in America were baked, therefore much healthier, and tasted equally great.

Popcorn: Sweet and Salty Popcorn Parfait, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Dill Flowers, Powdered Popcorn, Salty Caramel, Yuzu, $14

Over here it's quality over quantity, which is really fine with me. I'd rather have a little of a well thought out and executed dessert, than a huge chunk of senseless sugar creations (not ruling out the possibility of striking a balance, of course, which would be ideal). I love popcorn. I really do. To taste my favourite movie snack in such a creative form was a great experience not just for my taste buds. The salty popcorn parfait paired with the fragrant dill flower was my favourite part.

Purple: Purple Potato Puree, Blackberry Parfait, Leather, Lavender Marshmallows, Fruits of the Forest Sorbet, $14

We really liked this too. Somehow, the blackberry parfait went really well with the 'painted' purple potato puree (smeared right below the parfait and sorbet). The purple potato foam was interesting in terms of texture but rather bland and I couldn't exactly detect lavender in the marshmallows, but they still went great with the rest of the dessert. I loved the contrast of sweet and sour in this one.

The Trio

The plating was beautiful. Everything down to the colours were carefully thought out.

This is a place I'd love to return to.

P.S. They do seem to impose a $15 minimum spending per person especially for large groups, so watch out for that!

2am: Dessert Bar
21a Lorong Liput
Holland Village, Singapore 277733
Tel: 6291 9727
Mon to Sun: 4pm to 2am

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