Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snapshot: My Favourite Deep-Fried Chicken Wings!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Fantastic Singapore-Western-Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings

This may look ordinary but seriously, this is hands down my favourite Singapore-Western-Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings! By Singapore-Western-Style I mean that common Hawker Centre Western Stall batter for fried chicken. It's so common but so great and also slightly nostalgic. And I guess it's not that common anymore since I've tried ordering fried chicken from a few other Hawker Centre Western Stalls to much disappointment. This, however, never disappoints. It's crispy, juicy and ridiculously tasty. I mean, they fry it to order and not in batches. This alone would have pushed it a few notches up chicken wing ranks. If I haven't been so unhealthy in everything I've been eating (sigh, gotta do something about this), I would have made this my regular unhealthy snack and would expect to be pretty pleased with life.

It's actually kinda funny how I came to know about this stall. I used to give tuition to a kid in the next block and grabbed this pretty often as a late-night snack. At that time, I thought this was pretty great Singapore-Western-Style Deep Fried Chicken Wings. It was only after some time (a few years, actually) that I realized not everybody is capable of making chicken wings like these. It didn't take much to convince M to bring me here, and we had a great night chomping down the chicken wings. 

This hidden gem of a stall is located in Blk 406 Tampines Street 41 (rejoice!), and goes by the name of A1 Family Ayam Goreng.

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