Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ebisboshi Shotengai, Iluma, Singapore [closed]

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Japanese Pork Don
Mini Barbequed Pork Don, ~$7.90

Okay I'm gonna say this right from the start. I've always found restaurants that serve everything under the sun iffy. Sure, there are exceptions, but those are few and far between. Unfortunately, Ebisboshi isn't gonna be one of those exceptions in my books. Before you write off the restaurant completely though, they do have a few redemptive points. This is a themed Japanese restaurant with 7 dining brands in a single location, and all fresh and seasonal ingredients are flown in from the famed Tsukiji Fish Market. You're greeted by a lady dressed in a kimono the moment you enter the restaurant, once in a while they hit a massive taiko drum, and you get to order through a talking pen. Not to mention the fact that the shabu shabu corner is maid themed. Imagine all that! It's  massively gimmicky, but at the same time, the place becomes kinda fun. If you're not that particular about your Japanese food, more enthusiastic about entertainment and trying something new, or looking for a place to bring the kids, then this place isn't half bad. If, on the other hand, like me, you happen to be particularly picky about Japanese food (because hey, the whole point of Japanese food is their crazy obsession with meticulous details, right?), then you probably should just stop reading here.

Japanese Seafood Hotpot
Seafood, Pork and Chicken Japanese Hotpot, ~$15.90

Did I forget to talk about the mini barbequed pork don? It was just really tough and unremarkable. Things did pick up a little with this one. The soup was actually pretty tasty, and the scallop was great, but the chicken was as poorly prepared as it looked. Gee.

Japanese Chirashi Don
Chirashi Don, ~$17.90

This was probably the best dish of the night. As mentioned, Ebisboshi Shotengai imports all fresh and seasonal ingredients from Tsukiji Fish Market, which is a great thing. And you even get a sliver of sea urchin (uni), which is the reason I chose this in the first place! Everything's reasonably fresh, and the serving is generous. The only thing was the fact that the swordfish (mekajiki) sashimi was not sliced completely in half. Can you spot it in the bottom right hand corner? I just don't understand why it wasn't sliced completely in half. Not sure if this is gonna be an isolated incident, but how did this even happen?

Japanese Menu
Last Page of Menu

So here's the fun part. You're provided with a thick pen, and you're supposed to tap on the box beside the dish you're ordering. At this point, the pen starts talking to repeat your order, and you then proceed to the last page of the menu to tap the quantity, repeat selections and finally send the order. It's definitely something new, though the talking voice that repeats everything you tap may get to you after a while. The truth is, if the prices were friendlier, I wouldn't have so much to say about everything. But at this price point, there are just so many places more worth spending on...

*Prices are indicated with a ~ because they are rough estimates, couldn't remember the exact prices but figured it would be useful to give a gauge!

Ebisboshi Shotengai
Bugis Iluma #04 - 08/09/10
201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188607
Tel: 6238 1011

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