Thursday, November 25, 2010

Arbite, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Display of Arbite's Menus

Arbite's a modern and cosy respite from the unenviable hustle and bustle of city life. I've been so enveloped by academia lately (I still have 2 more final papers to go), but I figured it shouldn't hurt to let loose for 15 minutes to do a quick post. Coincidentally, the name arbite was inspired by the German word for work, arbeit, and this cosy restaurant firmly believes in rewarding hard work with good food at the end of the day. This whole theme is pretty apt considering M and I headed here for a dinner date in the middle of our study break after getting pretty tired of the books.

The cracks in the walls along the flight of stairs leading up to the restaurant were adorned with colourful Lego bricks. I think they add a really playful and happy vibe.

Mushroom Soup, $4

We started our meal with a starter portion of mushroom soup, which was made from a blend of button, shitake, eryngii and honjimeishi. I thought it was pretty good, tasty with some texture from the bite-sized mushrooms. M prefers Tao's version (that's his favourite mushroom soup). I think the only difference would be sour cream? Tao's version is a little tangy, probably due to sour cream.

Seafood Pie with Mussels, Squid, Fish, Prawns and Root Vegetables, $17.90

I decided to have the Seafood Pie. It does sound sinful and luxurious, doesn't it? I couldn't resist the idea of seafood baked in cream. I was sorta expecting a buttery crust, but Arbite's version was topped with mashed potatoes and parmesan instead, which worked, too. While I do wish the mash was entirely coated with gooey parmesan cheese, I understand how sinful that really is, and I guess Arbite's version is more toned down and wholesome so to speak. And it was tasty - you can expect a decently sized fish fillet (not fish slices), huge squid slices (though personally I would prefer them thinner), about 2 crunchy prawns, and 2 sweet and plump mussels that were simply fantastic. Oh the greens were great too, the selection is far from shoddy, and the cherry tomatoes comes grilled.

Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Parma Ham, $19.90

M had the Pappardelle with Mushrooms and Parma Ham drizzled with truffle oil, which he enjoyed. I loved that the cream sauce was tasty and light at the same time. Arbite's pastas are freshly made everyday, isn't that great?

My Wife's Chocolate Cake, $8

After devouring this wonderfully moist chocolate cake, I felt like I kinda understood why the Chef married his wife. No, really. The chocolate cake was irresistibly moist and the top layer of chocolate was so sinfully rich. It really is a match made in heaven with the Mövenpick Vanilla ice-cream, and I'm pretty sure I'll feel compelled to have this every time I visit.

So here we are. In the end, I guess I took a longer break than 15 minutes, whoops. Arbite may be tiny, but it's the kind of place where you can literally feel the chef's passion in the food you taste. My kind of place. Can't wait to try the other items on the menu! Specifically the pot of mussels - the ones in the seafood pie were really fantastic.

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tel: 62870430
Tue – Fri, 1130 am – 10.30 pm,
Sat – Sun 1100 am – 10.30 pm

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