Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amusement Park Junk Food Collage

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
American Amusement Park Junk Food

Just an ode to Keansburg Amusement Park and the junk food that I practically lived on when I worked there two summers ago. In case you haven't heard of Keansburg Amusement Park, you are rightly excused since it is a relatively unknown local amusement park tucked away in New Jersey's smallest town ( I think), namely Keansburg!

From Top to Bottom, and Left to Right:
1. I had more Pizza than I ever had in my lifetime. So did M. Not that it was the healthiest, but we were on a budget and it was the cheapest and fastest way to curb hunger pangs. It's between Cheesy's Pizza and Pizza V, but I personally think Pizza V takes the cake. 

2. I worked kiddy rides, among other things (ticketing, food, games, etc), and the kids were incredibly, incredibly adorable. This was one of those rides that parents could take with their kids, and it was always a very sweet scene.

3. I also worked at Nickerson's - one of the in-house fast food joints. Working there was a blast - the energy was great, everyone was friends, and you get a meal on the house during your lunch breaks. This was what my friend made me once, a double patty double cheese burger with bacon! I also loved the chicken (cutlet) burger with nacho cheese. The nacho cheese topping isn't on the menu though. I made ice-cream waffles there too!

4. Funnel cakes. Deep fried tubed puff batter of sorts, with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar. Very, very sinful, but undeniably delightful..

5. Picture opportunities. Kids loved poking their heads out of this particular statue of liberty.

6. My favourite, favourite Buffalo Wings from Nickerson's. It may not be traditional, but it was fantastic stuff. Not particularly spicy, just very well-seasoned and finger-lickin good. Oh yes, I loved the Cheese Steak Sandwich too.

7. I would snack on one or two nachos occasionally... 

8. Kiddie land. The kids said the cutest things: "That was awesome!" "Lets do it again!" "Here we go!" "That hit the spot!" But mostly, it was the marvel on their face that got to me. Kids are amazing.

I also loved the chicken fingers on the other side of the amusement park, away from Pizza V. That made for quite a happy lunch. Oh yes, a diet largely made up of food like these has consequences (my friends and I always kept a tub of Ben and Jerry's in our fridge cause they go for just S$5/ tub in America), I definitely gained one or two pounds.. Thankfully, I'm a much healthier person normally. Really. The extra pounds disappeared after I came back. This was a two-month long, isolated case of Americanized junk food eating? But boy do I miss the food sometimes.

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