Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rakuzen, Millenia Walk, Singapore

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Japanese Sukiyaki Beef
Sukiyaki Beef Set

Celebrated A's 21st at Rakuzen! We were lucky and managed to get a private room which turned out to be super cosy! Rakuzen serves a really wide selection of value-for-money sets mostly hovering around the 20 dollar mark (they do have à la carte choices too), so we tried as far as possible to stretch our choices to try a little of everything. All the sets come with chawanmushi, miso soup, a mini stewed dish (nimono) and dessert (watermelon cubes and jelly in our case), which were all really decent. You can also top up about 5 dollars to add sashimi to your set, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion. W had the Sukiyaki Beef Set. The soup was yummy with a tinge of sweetness (our opinions were split on whether it was too salty). I guess the only downside is that you don't really get to "cook" the beef to your desired doneness since the pot doesn't come with a mini stove, and the beef is already sorta cooked when it arrives.

Japanese Ebi Fry, Hamburger Steak, Sashimi
Combo Set + Sashimi

P and I had the combo set, which comes with two ebi fry and a hamburger steak! We both topped up to get the sashimi, which I enjoyed (though the ika sashimi was a little tough). The hamburger steak turned out to be surprisingly tasty and I loved it with the Japanese rice! The ebi fry was decent too, the batter was light and not too greasy.

Japanese Hamburger Steak
Hamburger Steak Set

Z had the hamburger steak set. We were all quite surprised by how yummy the hamburger steak was!

Japanese Unagi, Sashimi
Unagi Set + Sashimi

E had the Unagi set, which wow-ed all of us when it arrived. The unagi was so huge! We all loved this one.

Japanese Grilled Beef
Grilled Beef Set

L had the grilled beef set, which tasted as good as it looked! If only there were more beef slices...

Cedele Cheesecake Birthday
Assorted Cheesecake from Cedele

Happy birthday girl!(:

P.S. I'm really glad the rain helped clear some of the haze. It's still kinda hazy though, so do take extra care and don't fall prey to bad air!

#01-14/19 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard , Singapore
Tel: +65 6333 1171

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