Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crystal Jade Kitchen, TM, Singapore

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Crystal Jade, Roasted Duck
Roasted Duck (Half)

This was a surprisingly satisfying meal! You can always trust Crystal Jade to deliver a decent and relatively affordable chinese meal every time. Truth be told, I still can't believe M and I had noodles and congee respectively, and still managed to finish half a roast duck plus scallops. But it's not hard to finish everything when everything was so surprisingly good. The skin of the roast duck was so crispy! I almost felt like I was having peking duck. It was also pretty oily.. though I suppose it would have been okay if it was shared among 4 people (the normal thing to do), instead of just 2.

Crystal Jade Steamed Scallops
Steamed Scallops

The scallops were drenched in a wonderfully savoury sauce. I wish the  tang hoon had more bite, but other than that, this dish was a great one. The best part? The two dishes cost only $26 together, which is pretty value for money considering the dishes were very decent (half a roast duck!), and crystal jade was never really cheap anyway. It's a great family restaurant though! You know, this used to be such a popular chinese restaurant in the Tampines suburbs just a few years ago (my family dined here pretty frequently), but with similar restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Pu Tien and Imperial Treasure jumping on the wagon, they have resorted to introducing steamboat buffet in order to draw lost patrons. Goes to show just how frighteningly competitive the Singapore food scene is!

Crystal Jade Kitchen
#B1-11 Tampines Mall
Tel: +65 6788 0633

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