Monday, September 20, 2010

Tampopo, Liang Court, Singapore

Monday, September 20, 2010
Japanese, Hotate Scallop, Cheese
Hotate with Cheese

I have a tendency to suggest Japanese when it comes to eating out. I know loving this cuisine isn't exactly the most novel thing, but Japanese food is delicious, isn't it? The scallops were a little overcooked, but that yolk was so lovely! I actually made a blunder and had 2 dinner plans on the same day, but I figured we could all have dinner together. It turned out fun!

Japanese Fried Salmon Skin
Fried Salmon Skin

So it was dinner with my best friend J and life saver T. It was a strangely long wait for a week day and we were famished! This was our first dish. I have a secret weakness for fried salmon skin. I reckon it's healthier than potato chips, and tastier too. These weren't freshly fried, which was quite a pity, but it still made for a tasty snack, especially with the mayonnaise!

Japanese Black Pig Gyoza
Black Pig Gyoza

These gyozas were pretty amazing! It looks so very unassuming, but when you bite into it the flavour literally spurts. We were trying really hard to taste the difference between black pig (kurobuta) and normal pig, but we had no comparison! J felt that the black pig gyoza was really tastier than usual though.

Japanese Black Pig Shabu Ramen
Black Pig Shabu Ramen

Purportedly the best-selling ramen on the menu. I loved the thinly sliced black pig shabu shabu, which was really tasty, but T was disappointed that the broth had a strong taste of vege. Then again, I would order this just for the thin slices of black pig wonder, it was that tasty.

Japanese Black Pig Tonkatsu
Black Pig Tonkatsu Set

This was soooo good! The tonkatsu was perfect in every way. Perfectly crispy, juicy and flavourful. All of us loved this, and it's definitely going on my list of must-orders at Tampopo!

Japanese Black Pig Tonkatsu
Close up of Tonkatsu

By this time, I was seriously wondering if we should have ordered a normal pig item just for the sake of comparison. Okay I just did a quick wiki and this is what I got: Black pig (or Kurobuta or Berkshire pork) is prized for its juiciness, flavour and tenderness, is pink-hued and heavily marbled. Wow(: That seems to explain why all the kurobuta dishes were so delicious! On a really bright note, Tampopo is running a promotion right now till the end of September (not sure if it's true for the Taka branch, we were at Liang Court), where selected dishes are going for up to 50% discount! On hindsight, this must be why we had to wait for 30 minutes on a week night.

Liang Court Shopping Center
177 River Valley Road #01-23/24, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6338 3186

Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road #B2-33, Singapore

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