Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Eats at Tiong Bahru Food Centre, Singapore

Sunday, September 5, 2010
A few weeks back, M brought me to Tiong Bahru Food Centre, one of his favourite haunts for local eats! This food centre houses a truly impressive number of "branded" hawker stalls. We tried a couple of stalls and these were our favourites: 

1. Jian Bo Shui Kueh #02-05
Singapore Hawker Breakfast, Chwee Kueh
Shui Kueh (Chwee Kueh)

Fantastic, fantastic! The Chai Poh (preserved radish) was extremely tasty and fragrant - the perfect accompaniment to the smooth and soft chwee kueh (steamed paste of rice flour and water). Very addictive!

Singapore Hawker Breakfast, Chwee Kueh
Another look at this delicious snack

Apparently, this is one of the few stalls that still mill their own rice flour for the chwee kueh, and the effort really shows in the texture.

Singapore Hawker, Tiong Bahru Jian Bo Shui Khui
The stall

This is hands down the best Chwee Kueh I've ever had. I would definitely make it a point to eat this everytime I'm here, it's that good!

Open 6.30am to 11pm daily

2. 178 Lor Mee #02-23
Singapore Hawker Shark Meat Lor Mee
Shark's Meat Lor Mee

Doesn't the picture speak for itself? This is a downright delicious bowl of lor mee that comes with the option of shark's meat fritters. Even though the shark's meat fritters doesn't taste distinctly different from any other white fish fritters, these crispy morsels drowned in the thick, savoury and delicious stewed sauce were very welcomed!

Singapore Hawker, Tiong Bahru
The Stall

There seems to be an inevitable queue over here, but I can foresee myself developing a craving for this delicious bowl of noodles. The Chwee Kueh and Shark's Meat Lor Mee are must-trys!

Open 6am to 9.30pm, closed on Wednesdays

3. Tiong Bahru Fishball #02-20
Singapore Hawker Fishballs Fishcakes
Assorted Fishballs and Fishcakes

I know it's just assorted fried fish balls and fish cakes, and I wasn't expecting myself to like this that much, but I did. Maybe cause it's freshly fried, and maybe because I love fishballs/fishcakes with the right "bounce", so to speak, and these were perfect. The beancurd roll in particular, was very crispy and tasy, but definitely an oil bomb.

Open 7am to 10pm daily

Barbequed Pork, Roasted Pork, Singapore Hawker
Barbequed pork and roasted pork with rice

We also a tried of couple of other stalls, namely Liang Liang Garden Dessert #02-75, Lee Hong Kong Cantonese Roast #2-60/70 and Wanton Noodles #02-30, but they really weren't anything great. M thought the barbequed pork and roasted pork rice (char siew siew yuk fan) was pretty good (pictured above), but with a name that mentions both "Hong Kong" and "Cantonese", I just felt that the roasted meats served were not very true to its name. Did we miss out on any other great stalls?

Tiong Bahru Food Centre
Tiong Bahru Market
30 Seng Poh Road

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