Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Street Food Heaven, Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Pad Thai Street Stall

Bangkok is street food heaven! Last week, M whisked me away to Bangkok for a short 5 day trip. We stayed at Citin Pratunam, a budget hotel that happened to be right at the scene of an entire stretch of street food. You can imagine just how thrilled we were.

Beautiful wok of pad thai, 35 baht

Some of these street stalls have make shift seating areas if you choose to eat on the spot, or you could always opt to do takeaways and feast in the hotel. We did a little of both! Of course, everything tastes best while it's still piping hot. These famous thai noodles were pretty tasty.

Bbq meat street stall

You might as well know now that Thailand isn't very strong on beef, which tends to be a little tough. But that's okay, their amazing execution of pork and chicken will be enough to keep you satisfied. Many of these stalls sell really well marinated bbq-ed marinated meats. You gotta try them for yourself! I loved the bbq-ed chicken wings. They go for only 5 baht. I had these three times in five days!

Deep fried chicken street stall, 5 Baht

And these deep fried chicken drumsticks and wings were amazing! But only if they're freshly deep fried. Watch out for fried chicken that have been left out for some time. Those ain't worth the calories. I had these three times in five days too... Juicy, well marinated, and utterly crispy. I somehow loved the drumstick more than the chicken wing, but both were great. And the price is unbeatable.

Pork vermicelli soup, 35 baht

To take in all the street food goodness, we had supper almost every night! The broth here is great stuff - really flavourful. To make things even better, they pack the soup and noodles separately for you, so that you get to enjoy the noodles in the comfort of your home/hotel without them turning mushy. Isn't that great?

Mango and sticky rice, 70 baht

These were sooo good! The mango was unbelievably sweet, every single time we had it, and of course it'd be better if the rice came warm, but you're getting this snack on the streets at half the price of what you'll get in a restaurant, so everything's good.

Soya bean milk infused with barley

We also stumbled on this stall where we saw soya bean milk, barley and green beans. We thought it was a soya bean dessert, but it turns out that it's just soya bean milk infused with barley and green beans. Surprisingly, it tasted really good. Maybe all soya bean milk should be done this way.

Cha Yen, Cha Ron Sai Nom

The next morning, we stepped out of our hotel hunting for Thai Iced Milk Tea - Cha Yen. Cha Ron Sai Nom is Thai for Hot Milk Tea. It looks like every country has a milk tea they call their own. In Kolkata, India, the favourite is Chai, hot milk tea with spices. But here in Thailand, Cha Yen is the tea you should be having, especially on a hot day. It's cold, refreshing, and comes with a dollop of condensed milk. It may be a little sweet, but there's no denying it's good stuff.

Hot dog in crepe street stall

We also tried this western-thai snack of hot dog in crepe, which was just okay.

Otah street stall

Now this packed a punch. We had spotted it, (or caught a whiff of the aroma, to put it more accurately), as we were trudging through the streets in our backpacks seeking our hotel.

Close up of otah

The otah (spicy fish cake) was really good. Fragrant, fiercely spicy, and equally tasty. Certainly the best snack to whet your appetite in the morning.

Pork with flat rice noodle soup

We had this for breakfast too. The broth was similar to the one we took back to feast in our room, but eating on the spot means you get to add condiments like chilli, fish sauce, soya sauce etc to your liking. I personally love adding a splash of chilli to my noodles.

Extensive condiments

These extensive condiments and utensils were on every table.

Salt burnt fish

Last but not least, you HAVE to try this. You can see this everywhere, fishes covered in salt, stuffed with herbs, basking on the grill. It's highly unfortunate that this is my best photo of such a great dish. But you just can't miss out on this. Despite looking burnt and charred on the outside, the flesh of the fish remains soft and moist, as if it was steamed. M, who normally never eats fish that comes with bones, loved this too! The chilli dip went perfectly with the fish. A definite must try.

This whole stretch of street food was found just right outside Citin Pratunam Hotel, along 88/19 Ratchaprarop Road, and also along Petchaburi 15. But Bangkok is so chock full of street food that all you really have to do is to do a little exploring near wherever you're staying, and you're bound to find your own stretch of street food. Street stalls all do what they do best, you can't go wrong with them!

More posts on Bangkok coming up!

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  1. Outstanding pics!!!! One of the few blogs with location.


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