Monday, July 19, 2010

Stanley Restaurant + Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Monday, July 19, 2010
Stanley Market

This is the town of Stanley. Does look cooler than what I'd imagined! Almost reminds me of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Lots of small shops over here selling everything, from souvenirs to shades to clothing. It was supposed to be a great day according to the weather forecast, so we'd planned to take the bus to Repulse Bay, but we sorta overshot and found ourselves in Stanley Town instead. Whoops.

Pork chop gong zai noodles

We were famished by the time we got here, so we stumbled into the first restaurant we saw, aptly named Stanley Restaurant, and were surprised that our lunch turned out to be quite decent. I had the Hong Kong noodle of choice --> gong zai min, and chose pork chop to go with it. It tasted as yummy as it looked!

Satay beef gong zai noodles, Vietnam beef vermicelli

My friends' choices were pretty tasty too. I suppose it's hard to go wrong with maggi mee/instant noodles, so to speak, but I still like the way Hong Kong does it. I guess what goes with the instant noodles does matter, and there's always such a wide selection everywhere in this country: beef slices, pork chop, chicken wings, chicken chop, satay beef, ham, egg, luncheon meat etc. I'd have thought that restaurants situated in a place as touristy as Stanley Market wouldn't be cheap, but I was proved wrong. Yippee. Notably, my friend's bottle of beer was cheaper than my iced milk tea. Hmm.

The Repulse Bay

Yup we did get to Repulse Bay in the end. This building is sorta a landmark, unsurprisingly named The Repulse Bay. It's famous/interesting because of the square holes. Can you spot all 3? It's purportedly built this way for better feng shui.

Repulse Bay, great photo courtesy of my friend

It was pretty crowded that day, with lots of blue umbrellas scattered across the entire beach (the blue umbrellas are for rent), and lots of people soaking in the sun, or just splashing around in the water (which wasn't exactly the cleanest). We played pictionary on the sand, lazed around to jazz music, buried our feet in sand, drank beer, and snacked on ice-cream cones.. a nice respite from the usual hustle and bustle of city life(:

Stanley Restaurant
Upper Ground Floor
52-56 Stanley Main Street
Stanley, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2813 7998

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