Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Lobster e-fu noodles, Lamma Island
Lobster e-fu noodles with superior stock

M and I were wandering around in Lamma Island, some weeks back, because we'd heard that Lamma's a great place for seafood. It was a real fishing village. At least the side where we were in. It basically looked like this:

Lamma Island, Sok Kwu Wan, Hong Kong
Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island

Can you spot the sampans? Apparently if you wanted to go to Lamma the scary way, you could head to Aberdeen, and old ladies would ferry you to Lamma in their sampans for a negotiable fee between 100 to 150 HKD (per person). The waves can get really choppy, and the waters are actually very deep, so this is pretty exciting stuff.

Lamma Island, Braised Tofu, Hong Kong
Braised Tofu with mushrooms and vegetables

By now you may have sensed that I wasn't tremendously excited about the seafood meal we had at Rainbow. It wasn't that the food was bad. The lobster e-fu noodles was pretty good, and so was the salt and pepper mantis prawns (or squillas), which unfortunately I didn't snap a photo of. The crabs were drenched in a delightful honey pepper sauce, but came with mushy flesh. And the tofu was okay. It was just that the prices were way too exorbitant for a fishing village, in my humble opinion.

Lamma Island, Honey Pepper Crab
Honey pepper crab

We possibly chose the most tourist-oriented restaurant, and that may have been the problem. The seafood dishes were on average HK$150 per crab/mantis prawn/lobster. Hmm. I might have enjoyed the meal better if I didn't keep thinking about the meal I had in Sai Kung, where I had one whole mantis prawn to myself, 2 abalone, half a lobster, several mini boiled prawns, 1 mini flower crab, and a serving of complimentary vegetables for HK$160. I miss Sai Kung..

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
G/F,16-20, 23-24
First Street, Sok Kwu Wan
Lamma Island
Tel: (852) 2982 8100

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