Monday, July 5, 2010

Margaret's Cafe e Nata, Peninsula de Macau, Macau

Monday, July 5, 2010

Throughout my life, many people have raved to me about portugese egg tarts. But I could never understand their passion for the egg custard pastry. Sure, I've had good egg tarts before in both Singapore and Hong Kong. But it was not worth going crazy over. Besides, just how much better can the portugese egg tarts in Macau be compared to those in Singapore or Hong Kong? I was so, so wrong. Completely and unbelievably wrong.

Portugese Egg Tarts, 7 MOP each

The portugese egg tarts from Margaret's Cafe e Nata blew me away. We took a while to find the place as it was located in a back alley, but it was well worth it. I would go back to Macau just for these egg tarts. And you're not gonna be convinced. But once you try it, you'll understand exactly what I mean. Fresh from the oven, the crust was buttery, flaky and exceedingly crispy, and the almost quivery egg custard complemented the crust perfectly.

The seemingly small snack can be rather heavy, and we were pretty full from our previous meals, so we only had 1 egg tart each. But it was soooooo good we went back on the very same day for another round of egg tarts. If the sun happens to be unforgiving, you can cool down with a small bottle of beer too, which if I remembered correctly, cost only about 5 or 6 MOP. The cafe also serves up other pastries and sandwiches, which I would really love to try the next time.

I know that Lord Stow's Bakery serves really good portugese egg tarts too, but unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit the bakery during my short visit. Have you tried the egg tarts at both places? Which did you prefer?

Margaret's Cafe e Nata
G/F, 17A Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Peninsula de Macau, Macau
Tel: (853) 2871 0032

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