Monday, July 5, 2010

A Lorcha, Peninsula de Macau, Macau

Monday, July 5, 2010

So we found out that dining in one of Macau's Portugese restaurants was one of the things we really shouldn't miss while we're here. These restaurants are very popular, and reservations are highly recommended. As our short trip was pretty last minute, we almost couldn't get a table at any of the recommended restaurants. We tried Amagao, but were firmly rejected. Then we dialed for A Lorcha. A lady tried to tell us that it was fully booked. We asked if there was any time slot we could take, any at all. The lady passed the phone to a man, who said yes, we could go there at 8pm. Great!

Complimentary crusty bread (top), Octopus salad (bottom)

We arrived at the restaurant promptly at 8pm, and were shown to our table right away. The decor was maritime inspired, the lights were dim, and the tablecloth was checkered. I felt like we were dining on a ship in the sea! The menu had a wide selection and we were spoilt for choice. But the aromas emanating from the dishes laid out on the tables around us made us ravenous, and we quickly chose our dishes and made our order. Fortunately, warm complimentary bread was served almost immediately after that. It was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I loved it! Then came the octopus salad, which had octopus cubes marinated in parsley and vinegar, maybe garlic too. It was a refreshing appetizer, and I found myself enjoying this dish quite a bit. A lot, actually.

Beef short ribs

This was so delicious! The fries were not good at all, but the short ribs were so delicious it's easy to forget about the fries. The short ribs were slightly charred on the outside, tender on the inside, flavourful and simply delicious. There wasn't enough to go around for the four of us and we almost wanted seconds if we hadn't ordered so much food! 

African chicken, Seafood rice

The African Chicken and Seafood Rice were specific Portugese dishes that I really wanted to try. But while I found the seafood rice flavourful and interesting, the african chicken was rather mediocre. It came with a nice sauce, but the chicken was tough, and this time the main dish didn't stop us from thinking about the fries, which were as disappointing as the ones that accompanied the wonderful short ribs.

Clams in white wine

Another delicious dish! The clams were fresh and we really liked the broth. In fact, we requested for more crusty bread despite how full we were just so we could mop up the remaining broth - it was that tasty. If we were to come back again, the octopus salad, short ribs, and this would be must-orders. We also had Sangria along with our meal, which we enjoyed. This may be my first proper Portugese meal in my entire life, but it certainly won't be the last. Now, if only I could fly to Portugal right now...

A Lorcha
Rua Almirante Sergio No.289,
Barra, Peninsula de Macau, Macau
Tel: (853) 2831 3195

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